Before The Beginning Of Beginnings Uv MasTer Universe Study,


We Begin with the Infinite

All through the Urantia Papers there are statements and observations suggesting that behind everything, before the beginning, there is the Infinite Being. Somehow, we arrive at the “feeling” that all of the different manifestations of Reality – the Absolutes, the Deities, the Trinities – are different aspects and different phases of the Infinite Being. God seems to be the personification of the Infinite Being. The “Universal Father” is the name we give to God in recognition of his relationship to us – his mortal children.

Before the beginning of beginnings there is that being, that Infinite One, whom we [call] God. [Him as an expression of] InfiniTe Being must be the foundation on which he has built all the structure of Deity, and AbsoluTes, and TriniTies, and all manner of other Reality – deified and undeified; existential and experiential; actual and potential; time-realities and eternity-realities; perfect existences and imperfect existences; space-creations and non-space conditions – in short, everything and everyone that could exist everywhere and everywhen.

This Being, this Infinite One, [should be] known [as]…Infinite Spirit. So,…God the FaTher is not without associates who understand him; but the two eternal co-ordinates of the infinite Spirit are able to know [this One] only because they share [this one's] infinity. To us of the later-appearing and experiencing orders of being, the quest for the Infinite is the first and the final challenge. To accept such a challenge means that we are willing to embark upon an endless voyage of discovery, in the quantitative infinity of God-on-the-outside, while at the same time, we are in the process of the undertaking and equally endless qualitat­ive exploration of that spirit fragment of God-on-the-inside, the Adjuster (God’s SpiriT) that even now indwells us during this life in the flesh.

We will start this study with an exploration of the past-eternity, and we will start it with the firm belief that the unproven basis for all that happens is the Infinite Being– that being whom we call DeiTy.

We will pursue the unfolding of his divine purposes (as we are able to discern them) throughout time and transcended-time and on into future-eternity, to see how far we may hope to progress in the quest for the Final Father, the Unqualified Father, the Absolute UniversaL FaTher – even the I Am FaTher.