Before Pre Zero Third Pre-Universe Age Uv MasTer Universe AnTecedenTs


We can take at least one more step in the exploration of the "historic past" of eternity; we can make an effort to visualize a concept that is Before Pre-Zero, a hypothetical "Third Pre-Universe Age." The UranTia Book Papers do provides us with such a startling point; they refer to it as the "hypothetical static moment of eternity." (1153.2) 105:1.5 Here we encounter a concept that presents a state of affairs prior to the separation of the deified and the non-deified. But, even in this primal concept the UranTia Book Papers do not validate monism – "The doctrine that there is only one kind of substance or ultimate reality." (Webster) The UranTia Book Papers do not validate the concept of absolute uniformity at the very beginning of universe things. The UranTia Book Papers insist that this concept of past-eternal reality must include the potential (the possibility for the expression) of self-will. (6.2) 0:3.22; (1152.5) 105:1.2 and (1153.6) 105:2.1

Before Pre-Zero we entertain a primal concept that is pre-potential — a concept of that which exists before potentials have even appeared. This must be the first level of the function of Total DeiTy — the static level. (2.4) 0:1.4 This is the "quiet moment," the moment in which deity is "self-contained and self-existent." (ibid) The presence of the possibility of self-will at this eternally distant moment is proved by the fact that potentials were segregated and did develop out of the static condition, and by the further fact that these potentials have ever since been actualizing by associative, creative, and evolutionary techniques.

But this static condition is more than a valid concept. This static condition is also a factual reality: Total DeiTy still continues to function on the stat­ic level. The continuing existence of the static level of Total Reality is pointed out in the UranTia Book Papers in the discussion of The Infinity (1154.1) 105:2.2, and in the discussion of the Universal One of Infinity. (1155.4) 105:2.11 Therefore, at the conclusion of our analysis of past eternity we encounter more than valid concept, we encounter factual reality:

  • The 3D Infinte past-eternal [ever becomes] the 3D Infinte present-eternal,
  • and the 3D Infinte present-eternal [ever becomes] the 3D Infinte future-eternal.