AmpheTemine Uhv Kush Jemz Uhv Kush Groop Kemz

RecreaTional Drug SafeTy Uhv RecreaTional Drug Owners ConsTiTuTional RighTs

{ Lrning And Teecheeng } KumpleeT ImporTanT ( Med FacTs And Mohr Saeef Use OpTs And Their EarTh CiTizen RighTs Uhv Thuh Earth ConsTiTuTion ) ReeGahrdeeng ( Eech RecreaTional Drug Wich ( SeLf Ohr Sum Wun Known ) Iz InTresTed In Eewzeeng ) Ahr Needed Tu Inform ( Now And Possibbul New ) RecreaTional Drug Eewzrz UhbowT Thuh PoTenchuL ( Risks And BenneffiTs ) Uhv Eewzeeng ThaT RecreaTional Drug.

RecreaTional Drug Owners ConsTiTuTional RighTs Uhv Legalize All Drugs And End the drug war

BaeesT On: EarTh CiTizen RighTs Uhv Thuh Earth ConsTiTuTion

Eech ( NaTional And Municipal And Local ) Law Code Should GeT { ChekT And If Nehsehsehree FixT } So ThaT In Ehvree Jrisdikshuhn Uhv Thuh RTh Thuh Law Code Ther { ReespekTs Eech Uhv Thuh Following ConsTiTTpooshuhnul RyTs Uhv Eech Recreational Drug Ownr } And { Maeeks It Illegal For Kops Tu AkT AgainsT Ehnee RecreaTional Drug Ownr Tu Koz ThaT Prsuhn Tu BeKum A VicTim Uhv Ehnee Uhv Thuh Following ViolaTion Krymz } }.

1: Eech Recreational Drug Ownr Haz Thuh ConsTiTuTional RyT Tu "Prohibition against physical or psychological duress or torture during any period of investigation, arrest, detention or imprisonment, and against cruel or unusual punishment."

2: Kuz Uhv ThaT, Eech Cop ShouLd Nevr KuhmiT a ( physical durress ohr cruel ) assulT krym violation againsT Ehnee RecreaTional Drug ( Ownr And|Ohr Eewzr ).

3: Recreational Drug Ownrz Hav Thuh ConsTiTuTional RyT Tu "Safety of person from arbitrary or unreasonable arrest, detention, exile, search or seizure; requirement of warrants for searches and arrests."

4: Kuz Uhv ThaT, Eech Cop ShouLd Nevr KuhmiT ThefT Violation UhgensT Ehnee RecreaTional Drug Ownr Without A WarrrenT Uhledjeeng That Thuh RecreaTional Drug Ownr Had { { STole ( Sum Ohr AhL ) Uhv Thuh RecreaTional Drug(z) They Hav } And|Ohr { Endaeendjrd Ohr Violated Anyone's Bod WiTh Their RecreaTional Drug Property } }.

5: AhLsoh Kuz Uhv 3, If Ther'z No WarrenT Legalizing Thuh arresT Then ThaT Iz A ConsTiTuTionally ( rong and illegal ) arresT that MyT Also ProbbabLee InkLood unNehsehsehree And ConsTiTuTionally ( rong and illegal ) { imprisonment uhv wrists in handcuffs Then Cop Car imprisonment And jail Imprisonment } violations AgainsT Thuh RyTs Uhv A RecreaTional Drug Ownr ( InnuhsenT = NoT gilTee ) Uhv Ehnee Uhv THuh Following Real True violation krymz.

6: If Ehnee RecreaTional Drug Ownr Iz InnuhsenT Uhv ( ( Thuh Real True violation krym Uhv UhsuLT ) And ( Real True ProprTee violation krym, Fohr EgzampuL ( ThefT Ohr ( Vandalism Such Az UnauThorized Damaging Uhv A Dif Prsuhn'z ProprTee ) ), Then Tu arresT ThaT Prsuhn WouLd Bee TrooLee ReaLLee ( rong and unJusT ). Thuh rongful arresT MyT Hav Ben Dun Kuz Uhv At LeesT Wun ( Rong And unJusT ) Law ThaT ShouLd MohsT LykLee GeT Chaeendjd Ohr { Reemoovd Fruhm Thuh Lahz Uhv At LeesT ThaT Jrisdikshuhn And Hohpfully Ehnee UhThr Jrisdikshuhn ThaT Haz ( ThaT Ohr A SimmiLr ) ProbbabLee ( Rong And unJusT ) Law }.

Legalize All Drugs And End the drug war

Drug DeTox NooTrishuhn

EnhansT NexT TexT Fruhm

A diet for recovery should include:

Complex carbohydrates (50% to 55% of the calories you consume),

  • which means plenty of grains, fruits and vegetable

Dairy products or other foods rich in calcium

Moderate protein (15% to 20% of calories):

  • two to four ounces twice a day of meat or fish (or another high-protein food such as tofu [ Or Milk ])

Fat choices (30% of calories), preferably good oils (EssenTial Fatty Acids)

NachruL DeTox

NexT TexT Frum:

Drink lots of fluids

A daily intake of eight to 12 glasses of fluids each day flushes out the toxins and chemicals. All healthy fluids water, fruit juices, vegetable juices and herbal teas are a good way to clean the body internally. The wastes, impurities and drug residues are washed out of the cells, tissues and organs.

Lose fat by exercising.

Even if you aren't overweight, losing fat will help with detoxification from drugs. Most chemicals and toxins that enter the body are stored in the fat cell. By losing excess fat, a person also loses toxins. To lose the fat, do aerobic exercise. Swimming, running, dancing and cycling are good cardiovascular exercises that help to burn calories and fat. During a high-impact workout, a person also builds up a sweat. Toxins are released through the sweat glands. Building muscle with weights or resistance training also burns fat. In time, the muscles replace the fat deposits. Breathing deeply during any type of exercise helps to expel toxic carbon dioxide from the lungs. On inhalation, more oxygen enters the body.

Have a healthy diet.

Eating fruits and vegetables gives the body the nutrients it needs to repair itself

  • and carry out its many functions.

Organic foods are more expensive, but they are better for the body,

  • because they contain fewer chemicals like preservatives and pesticides.

Adding fiber to the diet helps in moving wastes & debris through the intestines & out the body.

DeTox NooTrishuhn


ReComMendEd, Common, NuTrishuhnuL Drinks DeTox, Eezee Tu GeT AT A Corner STore Drinks Include:

ION4 Advanced ELECTROLYTE SysTem POWERADE MounTain Berry BlasT

* SporTs Drink WiTh VITAMINS B3, B6, & B12
* MounTain Berry BlasT With Mixed Berry Flavored + OThr NaTural Flavors

GLACEAU ViTamin WaTer Energy Tropical Citrus Flavored

* WiTh ViTamins: C ViTamin, b5, B6, B12
* With Electrolytes And 50 mg Caffein
* NuTrienT enhanced WaTer beverage

V8 Energy Protein

V8 Original 100% VegeTable Juice WiTh 2g Uhv [ProTein


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"When heated to decomposition [Amphetamine] emits…nitroxides."

Nitroxides as Antioxidants and Anticancer Drugs

Fruhm Chemistry and Biology of Nitroxide Compounds: Conclusion
Although nitroxide radicals have long been utilized as biophysical tools for ESR spectroscopic studies and spin labeling oximetry, over the past two decades, research involving nitroxide compounds has flourished. As more studies are performed, more is revealed about these fascinating compounds, and more potential applications are uncovered. Experiments involving these compounds have ranged from radioprotection studies that revealed much about the antioxidant nature of these compounds and opened the door to their use as therapeutic agents to imaging studies that exploit the innate polarity of these compounds for use as MRI contrast agents. Nitroxides appear to have the ability to delay cancer formation and progression and someday may even be used to treat certain tumors. Damage from acute and chronic ischemic conditions could potentially be lessened with nitroxide compounds and their use in aging and weight control have yet to be fully explored. This wide variety of applications of nitroxide compounds all ties back to the ability of these compounds to alter the cellular redox state by scavenging oxygen free radicals and destroying O2•− because, incredibly, all of these seemingly disparate disease processes are related in some way to free radicals. Nitroxides provide an unprecedented ability to study the mechanisms underlying many disease states by interfering with a single important cellular metabolic phenomenon. With continued study, there is no doubt that even more experimental and clinical applications for nitroxides will be found.