AhLuh Iz FohnehTik EengLish Fohr [Allah.

AhLuh In Simp Lang Iz AhL Uh Ohr AhL Wuhn

THuh Mysterious Li Ohridjind Koran ReporT Ed KonsepT Uhv Allah ( Kuhnfeewzez = Non-Disrnz Tween ):
1: Thuh EetrnuL Now Tranz FynyT Shen DeeihTee
2: WiTh Thuh AncienT ( Supposed Immortal = Lyf WiTh Supposed Evr LasTing Longevity ) Lesser Creators Gyz: Semitic EL Dad And Hiz Suhn Hebrew=Heebrw YaHWeH ELohim.

Allah In FuhnehTik IngLish Yeeng Voiss Sownd Chahrz Iz AhLuh.

AhLuh Iz SumTymz ProhnownsT In EengLish Az AhL-Uh,

Thuh Lohn Char "A" ProhnownsT Az "Uh" Nohrm Meenz THuh Nuhmbr Wuhn.

Thus, "AhL Uh" Uh" MyT GeT Tranz Skrybd Az Tranz FynyT Shen DeeiTTee Uhv "AhL Now Wuhn".

See AhLsoh: Now Tranz FynyT Shen DeeiTTee

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