Omneeonnihkuh Vrs (Haoh=#)1: Omnionica In FuhnehTik IngLish Yeeng Voiss Sownd Chahrz Iz Omneeonnihkuh.

Omneeonnihkuh Vrs (Haoh=#)2: Wut Iz (Omnionica=Omneeonnihkuh)?

Omneeonnihkuh Vrs (Haoh=#)3: Simp (Li=Lee) PuT It Iz Thuh (Wiki=Wihkee)

Omneeonnihkuh Vrs (Haoh=#)4: Lrn Hab Tu Oft Dreem:

Lrn Hab Tu Oft Dreem Vrs (Haoh=#)1: Learn Hab To Oft Dream



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Omneeonnihkuh Vrs (Haoh=#)6: Omnion + suffix ica

( Omnion = Basic Kindz Sizomes ) In Voiss Sownd Chahrz

Omnion: Omni + suffix on

Omnee Vrs (Haoh=#) 1:

Omnee Vrs (Haoh=#) 2:0: Etymology Prefix Omni-
Omnee Vrs (Haoh=#) 2:1: * omni-: word-forming element meaning "all," from Latin omni-, combining form of omnis "all, every, the whole, of every kind"…

suffix on Uv Omneeon Uv Omnionica

Suffix -on:
(physics, biology, and genetics) Forming names of things considered as basic or fundamental units.


Dif Syz Omz Ahr OpTs Tu Get ThoT Uv AT Dif Tymz.

Omneeonnihkuh Vrs (Haoh=#)7: Ihkuh Def:

Ihkuh Vrs (Haoh=#)1: Suffix ica In Yeeng Voiss Sownd Chahrz Iz Ihkuh

Ihkuh Vrs (Haoh=#)2: Suffix -ica

  • a collection of things that relate to a specific place, person, theme, etc.

Omneeonnihkuh Vrs (Haoh=#)8: Omnionica: Tranz Skraibd Tu Voiss Sownd Chahrz iz:

Omneeonnihkuh Vrs (Haoh=#)9: ReeL-prwvd-trwth-Syz Ohmz Def:

[ { Non (LisT Ed) } GohL ] Uv GohLz: Fix ReeL Prwvd TrwTh Syz Ohmz

Thuh ( CosmoLogy = NaTuraL Science Sizomes = ReaL Proved Truth Sizomes )

ReeL Prwvd TrwTh Vrs (Haoh=#)1: Real Proved TruTh In Yeeng Voiss Sownd Chahrz Iz Reel Prwvd TrwTh

ReeL Vrs (Haoh=#)1: (NaTuraL=Real) In Yeeng Voiss Sownd Chahrz

ReeL Vrs (Haoh=#)2: Pronunciation

  • IPA: /ˈnæt͡ʃ.ə.ɹəl/

Naichr Vrs (Haoh=#)1
Nature In Yeeng Voiss Sownd Chahrz

Naichr Vrs (Haoh=#)2: Pronunciation
(Received Pronunciation) IPA(key): /ˈneɪtʃə/
(General American) IPA(key): /ˈneɪtʃɚ/
(Northern England) IPA(key): /ˈnɛːtʃɐ/

Naichr Vrs (Haoh=#)3:

OhfishuL ETymoLogy nature (n.)

late 13c., "restorative powers of the body, bodily processes; powers of growth;" from Old French nature "nature, being, principle of life; character, essence," from Latin natura "course of things; natural character, constitution, quality; the universe," literally "birth," from natus "born," past participle of nasci "to be born," from PIE root *gene- "give birth, beget."

From late 14c. as "creation, the universe;" also "heredity, birth, hereditary circumstance; essential qualities, innate disposition" (as in human nature); "nature personified, Mother Nature." Specifically as "material world beyond human civilization or society" from 1660s. Nature and nurture have been contrasted since 1874.

Nature should be avoided in such vague expressions as 'a lover of nature,' 'poems about nature.' Unless more specific statements follow, the reader cannot tell whether the poems have to do with natural scenery, rural life, the sunset, the untouched wilderness, or the habits of squirrels. [Strunk & White, "The Elements of Style," 3rd ed., 1979]

Naichr Vrs (Haoh=#)4: Encyclopedia Definition uv Nature
Naichr Vrs (Haoh=#)4:1: all natural phenomena and plant and animal life, as distinct from man and his creations
Neichr Vrs (Haoh=#)4:2: Biology: the complement of genetic material that partly determines the structure of an organism; genotype

Thus, Naichr Meenz "Bohrn Essenss".

Suffix UhL Vrs (Haoh=#)1: Suffix aL in Yeeng Voiss Sownd Chahrz

Suffix UhL Vrs (Haoh=#)2: Pronunciation

Suffix UhL Vrs (Haoh=#)3:0: Suffix -al

Suffix UhL Vrs (Haoh=#)3:1: Of or pertaining to. Adjectival suffix appended to various words, often nouns, to make an adjective form. Often added to words of Latin origin, but used with other words also.
Suffix UhL Vrs (Haoh=#)3:2: Forming nouns, especially of verbal action.

ReeL Vrs (Haoh=#)2:0: real (adj.)

ReeL Vrs (Haoh=#)2:1: early 14c., "actually existing, true;" mid-15c., "relating to things" (especially property), from Old French reel "real, actual," from Late Latin realis "actual," in Medieval Latin "belonging to the thing itself," from Latin res "matter, thing," of uncertain origin. Meaning "genuine" is recorded from 1550s; sense of "unaffected, no-nonsense" is from 1847…

ReeL Vrs (Haoh=#)2:2: Real estate, the exact term, is first recorded 1660s, but in Middle English Real was used in law in reference to immovable property, paired with, and distinguished from, personal. Noun phrase real time is early 19c. as a term in logic and philosophy, 1953 as an adjectival phrase; get real, usually an interjection, was U.S. college slang in 1960s, reached wide popularity c. 1987.

ReeL Vrs (Haoh=#)2:

  1. [BLak LyT Skrybd TexT Chahrz]
  1. ( Gray LyT Leengk Tu Paydj That's ehmpty )
  1. { BLw LyT Leengk Tu Paydj That's Deefynd }

Theeree: ( Science = Proved TruTh )

Pronunciation Uv [ Law Meaning Of Word Science * IPA: /ˈsaɪəns/

[ /saɪəns/ In Yeeng Voiss Sownd Chahrz } Iz Syuhnss.

Science Law Def In Yeeng Voiss Sownd Chahrz

What is SCIENCE?:

Knowledge that is comprised of verifiable and measurable facts that have been acquired by the application of a scientific method.

Thus, { { Definishun Uv [ Wrd Syuhnss ] } In [ Simp Lang ] } Iz:

[[include Saiuntihfik-Methud]]

Etymology Uv ( ( Wrd science ) (n.) )

mid-14c., "what is known, knowledge (of something) acquired by study; information;" also "assurance of knowledge, certitude, certainty," from Old French science "knowledge, learning, application; corpus of human knowledge" (12c.), from Latin scientia "knowledge, a knowing; expertness," from sciens (genitive scientis) "intelligent, skilled," present participle of scire "to know," probably originally "to separate one thing from another, to distinguish," related to scindere "to cut, divide," from PIE root *skei- "to cut, split" (source also of Greek skhizein "to split, rend, cleave," Gothic skaidan, Old English sceadan "to divide, separate").

From late 14c. in English as "book-learning," also "a particular branch of knowledge or of learning;" also "skillfulness, cleverness; craftiness." From c. 1400 as "experiential knowledge;" also "a skill, handicraft; a trade." From late 14c. as "collective human knowledge" (especially that gained by systematic observation, experiment, and reasoning). Modern (restricted) sense of "body of regular or methodical observations or propositions concerning a particular subject or speculation" is attested from 1725; in 17c.-18c. this concept commonly was called philosophy. Sense of "non-arts studies" is attested from 1670s.

Science, since people must do it, is a socially embedded activity. It progresses by hunch, vision, and intuition. Much of its change through time does not record a closer approach to absolute truth, but the alteration of cultural contexts that influence it so strongly. Facts are not pure and unsullied bits of information; culture also influences what we see and how we see it. Theories, moreover, are not inexorable inductions from facts. The most creative theories are often imaginative visions imposed upon facts; the source of imagination is also strongly cultural. [Stephen Jay Gould, introduction to "The Mismeasure of Man," 1981]

In science you must not talk before you know. In art you must not talk before you do. In literature you must not talk before you think. [John Ruskin, "The Eagle's Nest," 1872]

The distinction is commonly understood as between theoretical truth (Greek episteme) and methods for effecting practical results (tekhne), but science sometimes is used for practical applications and art for applications of skill.

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TruTh In Yeeng Voyss Sownd Chahrz Iz TrwTh Uv SpihriT Uv Trwth.

ETymoLogy Uv Wrd: truth (n.)

Old English triewð (West Saxon), treowð (Mercian) "faith, faithfulness, fidelity, loyalty; veracity, quality of being true; pledge, covenant," from Germanic abstract noun *treuwitho, from Proto-Germanic treuwaz "having or characterized by good faith," from PIE *drew-o-, a suffixed form of the root *deru- "be firm, solid, steadfast." With Germanic abstract noun suffix *-itho (see -th (2)).

Sense of "something that is true" is first recorded mid-14c. Meaning "accuracy, correctness" is from 1560s. English and most other IE languages do not have a primary verb for for "speak the truth," as a contrast to lie (v.). Truth squad in U.S. political sense first attested in the 1952 U.S. presidential election campaign.

See ALso=AhLsoh:

Theeree Vrs (Haoh=#)1: Theory In Yeeng Voiss Sownd Chahrz Iz Theeree Uv Saiunss

Theeree Vrs (Haoh=#)2: Theeree Def:

Theeree Vrs (Haoh=#)3: theory (n.)

Theeree Vrs (Haoh=#)4: 1590s, "conception, mental scheme," from Late Latin theoria (Jerome), from Greek theoria "contemplation, speculation; a looking at, viewing; a sight, show, spectacle, things looked at," from theorein "to consider, speculate, look at," from theoros "spectator," from thea "a view" (see theater) + horan "to see," which is possibly from PIE root *wer- (3) "to perceive."

Theeree Vrs (Haoh=#)5: Earlier in this sense was theorical (n.), late 15c. Sense of "principles or methods of a science or art" (rather than its practice) is first recorded 1610s (as in music theory, which is the science of musical composition, apart from practice or performance). Sense of "an intelligible explanation based on observation and reasoning" is from 1630s.

See Also=AhLsoh:

ReeL Prwvd TrwTh Vrs (Haoh=#)2: See Also=AhLsoh: Natural Sciences

Natural Science in Funetik Inglish iz Nachruhl Syuhns uv Syuhns Lahz

ReeL Vrs (Haoh=#)1: (NaTuraL=Real) In Yeeng Voiss Sownd Chahrz

ReeL Vrs (Haoh=#)2: Pronunciation

  • IPA: /ˈnæt͡ʃ.ə.ɹəl/

[[include Naichr]]

[[include Suffix-UhL]]

ReeL Vrs (Haoh=#)2:0: real (adj.)

ReeL Vrs (Haoh=#)2:1: early 14c., "actually existing, true;" mid-15c., "relating to things" (especially property), from Old French reel "real, actual," from Late Latin realis "actual," in Medieval Latin "belonging to the thing itself," from Latin res "matter, thing," of uncertain origin. Meaning "genuine" is recorded from 1550s; sense of "unaffected, no-nonsense" is from 1847…

ReeL Vrs (Haoh=#)2:2: Real estate, the exact term, is first recorded 1660s, but in Middle English Real was used in law in reference to immovable property, paired with, and distinguished from, personal. Noun phrase real time is early 19c. as a term in logic and philosophy, 1953 as an adjectival phrase; get real, usually an interjection, was U.S. college slang in 1960s, reached wide popularity c. 1987.

ReeL Vrs (Haoh=#)2:

  1. [BLak LyT Skrybd TexT Chahrz]
  1. ( Gray LyT Leengk Tu Paydj That's ehmpty )
  1. { BLw LyT Leengk Tu Paydj That's Deefynd }

Science in Funetik Inglish iz Syuhns.


  • IPA: /ˈsaɪəns/

From Middle English science, scyence, borrowed from Old French science, escience, from Latin scientia (“knowledge”), from sciens, the present participle stem of scire (“to know”).

What is SCIENCE?
Knowledge that is comprised of verifiable and measurable facts that have been acquired by the application of a scientific method.

See also:

See also:

ReeL Prwvd TrwTh Saiz Ohmz Vrs (Haoh=#)2:

This Peidj Haz Thuh NexT LisT Uv Lrnd ReeL Prwvd TrwTh Saiz Ohmz GohLz. Akt Az Wun Opts Izm Opt IsT.

BihLd 0=Leeng Syz Ohmz Frum Leeng Saiz Ohmz
BiLd FrsT Dim Dahrk Ohr LyT Ohr Fohrss PoinT Syz Ohmz
KwahnTuhm Streeng Syzohmz
KwahnTuhm Waeev Syzohmz
KwahnTuhm PahrTikL Syzohmz
Kwahntuhm Fohm Syzohmz

Hydrogen ATom MaTh uv AhL Mynd IsT AhL STaiT Izm



The solution of the Schrodinger equation for the hydrogen atom is a formidable mathematical problem, but is of such fundamental importance that it will be treated in outline here. The solution is managed by separating the variables so that the wavefunction is represented by the product:

The separation leads to three equations for the three spatial variables, and their solutions give rise to three quantum numbers associated with the hydrogen energy levels.

Simp Kem Syzohmz
Kem Grwp Syzohmz
Lyf Kem Syzohmz
Lyf Sel Syzohmz
Fungi Syzohmz
PlanT Syzohmz

(BeasT=BeesT) Iz Simp Lang Fohr Animal ] Uv Thuh Animal Sizomes

BihLd Heewmuhn Syz Ohmz Frum Heewmun SyzOhmz

BiLd TooL Sizomes And TwL SyZ OhmZ.

SmahrT Tek Saiz Ohmz

Hows Hohld Syzohmz

Municipal Sizomes
Staeet Syzohmz
Kuntree Syzohmz

Continental Governments

Intrnashuhnuhl Lah Syzohmz

Urantia Gaia Earth Geoscience Sizomes

Lwnr Week Syzohmz

Sattuhlyt Syzohmz

Sohlr Kalendr Syzohmz

Local Interstellar Cloud Sizomes
Galaxy Cloud Sizomes
Local Bubble Sizomes

Astronomy Constellation Sizomes

Lesr Kreaytrz

Gould Belt Sizomes myt be Nebadon Local Universe = vrs 11: "10 million wrldz"

Orion-Cygnus Spiral Arm Sizeomes haz lots of Mesier objects (possibly aka minor sectors uv "1,000,000,000 worlds"), each with about 110 astronomical objects, wun uv wich myt be the Gould Belt.

BLak HohL Dark STar Sizomes

[(Milky Way Galaxy Sizomes = "estimated to contain 100–400 billion stars" = Splandon Major Sector) = vrs 11: "100,000,000,000 worlds"
ReeL Prwvd TrwTh Saiz Ohmz Vrs (Haoh=#)3:36: Superuniverse vrs 15:2.8 6...Ten major sectors

GaLacTik Local Group Sizomes 15:2.9 7. The Grand Universe: Seven superuniverses...+...(central) Havona Superuniverse = > 54 gaLLaxeez

Virgo Galaxy Cluster Sizomes

Thuh Greyt hTTrakTr

Laniakea Supercluster Sizomes = 100,000 galaxies or 10^17 solar masses
* Vid Laniakea: Our home supercluster

Galactic Filament Sizomes

Galactic Sheets Sizomes

See: Cosmogony Sizomes, Cosmology Sizomes & FayT uv thuh ObservabLe Universe

GrayTr KreeayTrz

Non Bownd Aizd Syz Ohmz Uv AhL Saiz Ohm

Divine PLan In Yeeng Voyss Sownd Chahrz Iz Divyn PLan.

Thuh Divyn PLan Iz: AhL Sohrss, PLaneTary MorTaL Epochs And FayT FohrEvr.

ALL Source In Yeeng Voyss Sownd Chahrz Iz AhL Sohrss Uv Divyn PLan.

AhL STaiT Izm AhL Mynd All Person in Fuhnehtik Inglish iz AhL Prsun

Warning: This KohrekTed TexT, non-lyk Thuh IsLam/MusLim (ALLah = AhLuh = "Thuh God") Konsept, Rihzolvz confusion BeeTween:

All Person description kohrekted frum reflection uv:

E-Oh-Ih Uv AhL Prsun Uv AhL Mynd Uv AhL Saiz Ohm:

Chapter 1 uv Book Of Jehovih uv Oahspe Bible:

1. All was. All is. All ever shall be… All Mind WiLLd), and motion (evr) was, and (evr) is, and evr shall be; and, being positive, was called (good). The All Motion (iz InfihniT Deity'z MeThud uv Mwveeng AhL Theengz).

2… The AhL Mynd…comprehended all things, the seen and the unseen. Nor is there aught in all the universe but what is part of Infinite Being.

3. [If capabl uv speech, AhL Mync myt say], I Am the soul of all;

  • and all that is seen is of My Person & My body.

4. By virtue of My (Being) all things Ahr. By vrchw of My [WiL] is life. By virtue of My Presence are the living brought forth into life. I am the Quickener, the Mover, the Creator, the Destroyer. I Am (every) first and (every) last.

5. Of two apparent entities am I, nevertheless I am but One. These entities are the Unseen, which is Potent, and the seen, which is of itself impotent, and called `Corpor`.

6. With these two entities, in likeness thereby of Myself, made [Lessr Kreeaytrz] all the living; for as the life is the potent part, so is the corporeal part the impotent part.

7. Chief over all that live on the earth Lessr Kreeaytrz made Humans; male and fem…made [they] them. And that man might distinguish the AhL Mynd, they commanded [man] to give AHl Mynd a name; by virtue of [fynyt mynd] commanded [they them]. And Humans named AhL Mynd not after anything in heaven or on the earth. Named they the [AhL Mynd after the sounds the wind uttereth, and he said "E-O-Ih", which is [symbolized as] thus:


The FaiThism Faithist All Person symbol banner iz the only known "FLag uv (AhL Prsun = AhL Mynd = InfihniT SpihriT)".

Source Cosmogony In Yeeng Voyss Sownd Chahrz

ETymolLogy Uv Wrd: Source

source (n.)

mid-14c., "support, base," from Old French sourse "a rising, beginning, fountainhead of a river or stream" (12c.), fem. noun taken from past participle of sourdre "to rise, spring up," from Latin surgere "to rise, arise, get up, mount up, ascend; attack," contraction of surrigere, from assimilated form of sub "up from below" (see sub-) + regere "to keep straight, guide" (from PIE root *reg- "move in a straight line," with derivatives meaning "to direct in a straight line," thus "to lead, rule"). Meaning "a first cause" is from late 14c., as is that of "fountain-head of a river." Meaning "person or written work supplying information or evidence" is by 1777.

source (v.)

"obtain from a specified source," 1972, from source (n.). Related: Sourced; sourcing.

ETymoLogy Uv cosmogony (n.)

1690s, "a theory of the creation;" 1766 as "the creation of the universe;" 1777 as "science of the origin of the universe," from Latinized form of Greek kosmogonia "creation of the worLd," from kosmos "world, universe" (see cosmos) + -gonia "a begetting," from gonos "birth" (from PIE root *gene- "give birth, beget"). Related: Cosmogonal; cosmogonic; cosmogonist.

AhL Syz Ohm Omnia AhL STaiT Cheef Uv STaiT

PhiLosophic ConcepT Of The I AM In Yeeng Voyss Sownd Chahrz


105:1.1 Absolute primal causation in infinity the philosophers of the universes attribute to the UniversaL FaTher functioning (within) the infinite, the eternal…I AM.

105:1.2 There are (some) elements of (risk) attendant upon the presentation to the mortal intellect of this idea of an infinite I AM since this concept is so remote from human experiential understanding as to [possibly] involve serious distortion of and misconception of meanings and misconception of values.

Nevertheless, the philosophic concept of the (infinite) I AM does afford finite beings some basis for an attempted approach to the partial comprehension of absolute origins and infinite destinies… But this postulate of the (infinite) I AM is not so clearly identifiable in undeified realms of universal reality.

105:1.3 The I AM is the Infinite; the I AM is also infinity. From the sequential, time viewpoint, all reality has its origin in the infinite I AM, whose…existence in past infinite eternity must be a finite creature's premier philosophic postulate. The concept of the (infinite) I AM connotes unqualified infinity, the undifferentiated reality of all that could ever be in all of an infinite eternity.

105:1.4 As an existential concept…(n)o qualification can be applied to the Infinite except to state that the I AM is. The philosophic postulate of the I AM is one universe concept which (wuz kunsidrd) more difficult of comprehension than that of the UnquaLified AbsoLuTe.

105:1.5 To the finite mind there simply must be a beginning, and though there never was a real beginning to reality, still there are certain source relationships which reality manifests to infinity.

The prereality, primordial, eternity situation may be thought of something like this: At some infinitely distant, hypothetical, past-eternity moment, the I AM may be conceived as both thing and no thing, as both cause and effect, as both volition and response.

At this hypothetical eternity moment there is no differentiation throughout all infinity. Infinity is filled by the Infinite; the Infinite encompasses infinity. This is the hypothetical static moment of eternity; actuals are still contained within their and potentials have not yet appeared within the infinity of the I AM. But even in this conjectured situation we must [postulate] the existence of the possibility of self-will.

105:1.6 Ever remember that man's comprehension of the Universal Father is a personal experience…but your experiential worshipful concept of the Universal Father must always be less than your philosophic postulate of the infinity of the I AM…even that hypothesis probably falls far short of the unfathomed infinity of [eetrnul] reality…Of The ALL Sizome.

105:1.8 Infinity is indeed remote from the experience level of mortal comprehension, but even in this age on Urantia your concepts of infinity are growing, and they will continue to grow throughout your endless careers stretching onward into future eternity. Unqualified infinity is meaningless to the finite creature, but infinity is capable of self-limitation and is susceptible of reality expression to all levels of universe egzistences…

Urantia Book: PAPER 105:2. THE I AM AS TRIUNE…

105:2.2 In following the chronological portrayal of the origins of reality, there must be a postulated theoretical moment of " first " volitional expression and " first " repercussional reaction within the I AM. In our attempts to portray the genesis and generation of reality, this stage may be conceived as the self-differentiation of The Infinite One from The Infinitude, but the postulation of this dual relationship must always be expanded to a triune conception by the recognition of the eternal continuum of The Infinity, the I AM ( A.K.A. Thuh [[InfiniTe I Am]]] ).

105:2.3 This self-metamorphosis of the I AM culminates in the multiple differentiation of deified reality and of undeified reality, of potential and actual reality, and of certain other realities that can hardly be so classified. These differentiations of the theoretical monistic I AM are eternally integrated by simultaneous relationships arising within the same I AM—the prepotential, preactual, prepersonal, monothetic prereality which, though infinite, [haz ben Manifested] as absolute in the presence of the and as in the limitless love of the Universal Father.

105:2.4…The philosophic (time) concept of the solitary I AM and the transitional (time) concept of the I AM as triune can now be [accepted as the finality of reality]…

Thuh Infinitude, Infinite One and Infinite I AM Ahr AhLsoh KahLd The InfiniTe CapaciTy, InfiniTe PotenTiaL And InfiniTe UphoLder, respectively.

Greater Creators in Yeeng Voiss Sownd Chahrz

Konsrveishun Uv Ehnrdjee Vrsus Kreeaeeshuhn OwT Uv NuhTheeng Vrs (Haoh=#)1:

Konsrveishun Uv Ehnrdjee Vrsus Kreeaeeshuhn OwT Uv NuhTheeng Vrs (Haoh=#)2:0:

  • See sum rits uv sum hw tot "Creation Owt Of nothing":

Konsrveishun Uv Ehnrdjee Vrsus Kreeaeeshuhn OwT Uv NuhTheeng Vrs (Haoh=#)2:1:

Konsrveishun Uv Ehnrdjee Vrsus Kreeaeeshuhn OwT Uv NuhTheeng Vrs (Haoh=#)2:2:

[[include Konsrveishun-Uv-Ehnrdjee]]

Konsrveishun Uv Ehnrdjee Vrsus Kreeaeeshuhn OwT Uv NuhTheeng Vrs (Haoh=#)3:
* Thus, Thuh Prwvd Konsrveishun Uv Ehnrdjee Syuntihfik Lah Uv Thuh Saiuntifik Lahz Saiz Ohmz Prwvs FahLss Thuh ( "Fihkshun Mith" = "Fiction Myth" ) Neimd ( "Kreeaeeshuhn OwT Uv NuhTheeng" = "Creation Out Of Nothing" ).

Ihnfihniht Numbrz Uv Greitr Kreeaeetr Pantheons Ahr

This Iz KahLd Thuh "Big Bom" SaiuhnTihfihk HypoThehsihs Uv Thuh Frst Koz Uv A Big Bang.

Brahma Brahmi Brahmanda Pikchr Uv Greater Creators Uv Thuh Divyn PLan

Frum: Brahma Brahmi WallPaper

Thus, Thuh YwnihvrsuhLee MohsT GreiT KreeayTr SihviLyzayshuhn Uv Owr Big Bang Ywnihvrs Mait Be LohkeiTed Neer thuh Mid uv the Mohst Big GaLLaksee In Thuh Saiuhntihfihk AstrohnommihcuL Mid Uv A Big Bang Kozd UhbzrvuhbuL Ywnihvrs.

Vid: Most Big GaLaxy In Thuh Univrs

MasTer Universe AnTecedenTs Uv Appendices To Study Of The Master Universe

Source RelaTionships In ETerniTy Uv MasTer Universe AnTecedenTs


There are degrees of source relationship between eternal realities that are paradoxical when viewed from our time perspective. We are prone to say, "If these eternal realities had come into existence in time, then that which is Source must be older than that which is Derived." If we could entertain the concept of a Zero Age – an age prior to the First Universe Age – then we would have a perspective from which we might attempt to analyze certain of these relationships. (The concept of a Zero Age is the concept of a state of affairs prior to the existence of God the SpiriT, Havona, and the Trinity.) In making a comparison of that which is Source with that which is Derived, we encounter three degrees of source relationship between eternal realities:

(a) If God the SpiriT and the Havona, central universe are eternal (91.6) 8:1.9, then it logically follows that –

(b) The Original Son and the Isle of Paradise are more eternal – eternaler – because the Original Eternal Son is coancestral (with the UniversaL FaTher) of God the SpiriT (90.3) 8:0.3, and because the Father-Son union (which produced God the SpiriT and Havona) took place in the presence of Paradise (98.1) 9:0.1 the Isle of Paradise is also the Source of that which materialized as Havona, the central universe. (91.1) 8:1.4 And carrying this line of reasoning one step farther, it logically follows that if the Eternal Son and Paradise may be thought of as being eternaler, then –

(c) The I AM Father is most eternal – eternalest – since he is the Father of the Eternal Son (73.1) 6:0.1 and the Source of eternal Paradise. (127.1) 11:9.3

This line of reasoning starts with the concept of "eternal," which would be the equivalent of the FirsT Universe Age. It then introduces the concept of "eternaler," which would be comparable to the [Zero Age. Then we have the concept of "eternalest," which would equivalate to the idea of a "pre-zero concept." And, if we can imagine a "pre-zero concept" perhaps we can think at least one step behind that idea, perhaps we can reach the concept of "before pre-zero." Let us now examine the concept of the hypothetical /Before Pre Zero/ Age…

Before Pre Zero Third Pre-Universe Age Uv MasTer Universe AnTecedenTs


We can take at least one more step in the exploration of the "historic past" of eternity; we can make an effort to visualize a concept that is Before Pre-Zero, a hypothetical "Third Pre-Universe Age." The UranTia Book Papers do provides us with such a startling point; they refer to it as the "hypothetical static moment of eternity." (1153.2) 105:1.5 Here we encounter a concept that presents a state of affairs prior to the separation of the deified and the non-deified. But, even in this primal concept the UranTia Book Papers do not validate monism – "The doctrine that there is only one kind of substance or ultimate reality." (Webster) The UranTia Book Papers do not validate the concept of absolute uniformity at the very beginning of universe things. The UranTia Book Papers insist that this concept of past-eternal reality must include the potential (the possibility for the expression) of self-will. (6.2) 0:3.22; (1152.5) 105:1.2 and (1153.6) 105:2.1

Before Pre-Zero we entertain a primal concept that is pre-potential — a concept of that which exists before potentials have even appeared. This must be the first level of the function of Total DeiTy — the static level. (2.4) 0:1.4 This is the "quiet moment," the moment in which deity is "self-contained and self-existent." (ibid) The presence of the possibility of self-will at this eternally distant moment is proved by the fact that potentials were segregated and did develop out of the static condition, and by the further fact that these potentials have ever since been actualizing by associative, creative, and evolutionary techniques.

But this static condition is more than a valid concept. This static condition is also a factual reality: Total DeiTy still continues to function on the stat­ic level. The continuing existence of the static level of Total Reality is pointed out in the UranTia Book Papers in the discussion of The Infinity (1154.1) 105:2.2, and in the discussion of the Universal One of Infinity. (1155.4) 105:2.11 Therefore, at the conclusion of our analysis of past eternity we encounter more than valid concept, we encounter factual reality:

  • The 3D Infinte past-eternal [ever becomes] the 3D Infinte present-eternal,
  • and the 3D Infinte present-eternal [ever becomes] the 3D Infinte future-eternal.

Pre Zero Age Ohr Second Pre-Universe Age Uv MasTer Universe AnTecedenTs


We might think of the Pre-Zero concept as "the Second Pre-Universe Age." In this concept we are departing still farther from [known] reality. Nevertheless, let us again take inventory of what is in existence; but first, we should make note of the absence of the Eternal Son and the Isle of Paradise. In the Pre-Zero concept we find the following realities:

(a) The Qualified Absolute, Total Deity. Here it would hardly be proper to use designation "Universal FaTher" as the name of this pre-Father reality of near-Total Deity. (6.2) 0:3.22 It is not that God the Father is nonexistent, it is rather that this concept visualizes him as pre-Father. (111.3) 10:3.5 God is existent as the DeiTy Absolute Personality and, as such, is diffused throughout Total Deity. (108.1) 10:0.1

It is through divestment (unclothing) of this DeiTy Absolute Personality ((the clothes from) which becomes the Eternal Son) (109.2) 10:1.4 and through union with the Son in the trinitization of [[[God the SpiriT] (90.3) 8:0.3, that the Volitional Principle of Deity, the "existence of the possibility of self-will" (1153.2) 105:1.5, becomes the Universal Father; and, in the Paradise Trinity escapes from diffusion throughout Total Deity. (6.3) 0:3.23 And, by the subtraction of the Trinity from Total Deity, there is left an infinite residue as the DeiTy AbsoluTe (and the UniversaL AbsoluTe) of all future ages.

(b) The Unqualified Absolute is present because the free will of deity has caused Total Reality to become separated into that which is deified and that which is not deified. The Qualified Absolute has become separated from total non-deity, thus constituting the latter the Unqualified Absolute – the Unconditioned absolute. (14.8) 0:11.10; (6.2) 0:3.22

(c) The Universal Absolute is also present and is functionally equalizing the tension which is produced by the separation of Total Reality into the deified and the undeified (14.8) 0:11.10; (6.2) 0:3.22

We should remember that this Pre-Zero Age concept is not [proven] reality. (111.3 10:3.4 Even the [succeeding] concept of the Zero Age is not a [proven] reality; but both are useful thinking tools and, as such, both are valid concepts…

Zero Age Uv MasTer Universe AnTecedenTs Uv Appendices To Study Of The Master Universe


We might try to improve our concept of the Zero Age by otherwise naming it "the FirsT Pre-Universe Age." As we enter this hypothetical age we are leaving factual reality behind us, but we are not separating ourselves from valid concept. As we take inventory of the contents of the Zero Age, we should first make note of the absence of the Paradise Trinity, the God The Spirit, and Havona./ the central universe. The Zero Age concept is pre-Spirit, hence pre-Havona; and, without Goc the Spirit, there is no Trinity. In the Zero Age we find the following realities.

(a) The I AM FaTher. God has achieved dual expression of himself (127.1) 11:9.3, but not TriniTy expression. He has bestowed the absolute and unqualified spirit personality upon the Eternal Son (109.2) 10:1.4, (109.6) 10:2.2; (111.4) 10:3.6, and he has expressed his non-deity nature in the co-ordinate appearance of the Isle of Paradise. (127.1) 11:9.3

(b) The Eternal Son. The Original Son is in existence, but has not yet functioned. The first functional act of God the Son is in collaboration with God the Father, and this results in the appearance of God the Spirit (90.3) 8:0.3 and Havona, thus terminating the [Zero Age and inaugurating the First Universe Age.

(c) The Isle of Paradise. Paradise is present; the eternal Isle comes into existence as the repercussion and the antithesis of the Father's action which personalizes the Son. (127.1) 11:9.3 But Paradise has yet to function as the Source of all subsequent physical creation. Outside of Paradise there are no universes; there is no space – only midspace (not-space). (See Appendix II § 1, Space Bestowals of Paradise, and § 2, Paradise Bestowals of Space Potency.)

(d) The Deity Absolute is present – but are we using the proper name here? Perhaps a better designation would be the "Qualified Absolute," or the "Conditioned Absolute." The Zero Age is pre-TriniTy in concept, and in a pre-[[[TriniTy situation God the Father has not yet achieved complete escape from diffusion throughout Total Deity. (6.2) 0:3.22; (108.1) 10:0.1; (111.6) 10:3.8

(e) The Unqualified Absolute is also present, but this presence would be quite different from the later space-presence and space-function of the Unqualified in the subsequent Universe Ages. In the first place, there is probably no space at this concept point in past eternity; secondly, there could hardly be any space potency. (Appendix II § 1, Space Bestowals of Paradise, § 2, Paradise Bestowals of Space Potency)

(f) The Universal Absolute is present as the co-ordinator of the Deity Absolute and the unqualified absolute. (15.1) 0:11.11, (15.5) 0:11.15 However, the Universal Absolute could have had no actual and active function in equalizing the cosmic tensions produced by the coexistence of absolute and subabsolute realities. (15.3) 0:11.13 In the Zero Age, as we conceive it, there could have been no subabsolute realities. Or could there have been?

This, then, is the inventory of Absolute realities in the Zero Age. Can we be sure, however, that no subabsolute reality is actually present in this age? This is moot. Let us look at the Zero Age a little more closely:

Were the Master Architect present? The traditions of Paradise hold that the senior Architect, the Paradise Architect, and three Havona Architects contri­buted to the planning of Havona. (351.5) 31:9.4) If this is correct, then at least these four Architects must have been present in the Zero Age. There is a further statement to the effect that the 28,012th Architect failed to absoni­tize because he would have transcended the upper limits of absonity. (352.3) 31:9.10 the Paradise Architect is the senior Architect and functions at the "upper limit of absonity,"…the…highest…possible Architect. This line of reasoning does suggest that the entire corps of 28,011 Architects were present in the Zero Age. If the Master Architects were present, then subabsolute reality was present…

…Quite possibly the mid-space zones would have filled all regions outside of Paradise. (124.2) 11:7.1…but if the Architects of the Master Universe were in existence, then Time and space could have been conceptually present in the absonite minds of the transcendental Architects.

Were the Paradise Citizens present? If the Havona natives are "eternal," than it would appear reasonable to assume the Paradise Citizens are "eternaler." Even if this were the case, we know this designation could not apply to all of the "more than three thousand orders" of these citizens, because the last of these groups was personalized at the time of the Trinity mandate which organized the superuniverses (222.5) 19:7.1, and this must have been in the "dawn" of the Second Universe Age.

FirsT Universe Age Uv Appendices To Study Of The Master Universe


If we stay with factual reality, no matter how far back in time we try to think, the innermost core of the MasTer Universe – the central and divine universe – is always there; it is eternal. (152.1) 14:0.1 This pattern creation of divine perfection is just as eternal as God the SpiriT, the Third Person of Deity. (91.5) 8:1.8

When we speak of Havona in the First Universe Age, what do we actually mean by this concept? This concept of the central universe is something quite unlike the story of Havona as told in the Papers. The Papers describe Havona in the present age, the Second Universe Age, and much has happened in Havona during this age. Suppose we examine the central creation as it once existed, in the First Universe Age. We might first consider the physical structure of the central universe, then examine the personality activities of First-Age Havona. (See also, Appendix VI § 3. Paradoxes in the Status of Havona.)

Finite Reality Uv Sohrss Uv AhL PLan:

Urantia Book 105:5. Promulgation of Finite Reality

105:5.1 Just as the original diversification of the Infinite I AM must be attributed to inherent and self-contained volition, so must the promulgation of finite reality be ascribed to the volitional acts of Paradise Deity and to the repercussional adjustments of the functional triunities.

105:5.2 Prior to the deitization of the finite, it would appear that all reality diversification took place on absolute levels; but the volitional act promulgating finite reality connotes a qualification of absoluteness and implies the appearance of relativities.

105:5.3 While we present this narrative as a sequence and portray the historic appearance of the finite as a direct derivative of the absolute, it should be borne in mind that transcendentals both preceded and succeeded all that is finite. Transcendental ultimates are, in relation to the finite, both causal and consummational.

105:5.4 Finite possibility is inherent in the Infinite, but the transmutation of possibility to probability and inevitability must be attributed to the self-existent free will of the First Source and Center, activating all triunity associations. Only the…Father’s will could ever have so qualified the absolute level of existence as to eventuate an ultimate or to create a finite.

105:5.5 With the appearance of relative and qualified reality there comes into being a new cycle of reality — the growth cycle — a majestic downsweep from the heights of infinity to the domain of the finite, forever swinging inward to Paradise and Deity, always seeking those high destinies commensurate with an infinity source.

105:5.6 These inconceivable transactions mark the beginning of universe history… To a creature, the beginning of the finite is the genesis of reality; as viewed by creature mind, there is no actuality conceivable prior to the finite. This newly appearing finite reality exists in two original phases:

1. Primary maximums, the supremely perfect reality, the Havona type of universe and creature.
2. Secondary maximums, the supremely perfected reality, the superuniverse type of creature and creation.
105:5.9 These, then, are the two original manifestations: the constitutively perfect and the evolutionally perfected. The two are co-ordinate in eternity relationships, but within the limits of time they are seemingly different. A time factor means growth to that which grows; secondary finites grow; hence those that are growing must appear as incomplete in time. But these differences, which are so important this side of Paradise, are nonexistent in eternity.

105:5.10 We speak of the perfect and the perfected as primary and secondary maximums, but there is still another type: Trinitizing and other relationships between the primaries and the secondaries result in the appearance of tertiary maximums — things, meanings, and values that are neither perfect nor perfected yet are co-ordinate with both ancestral factors.

Urantia Book 105:6. Repercussions of Finite Reality

105:6.1 The entire promulgation of finite existences represents a transference from potentials to actuals within the absolute associations of functional infinity. Of the many repercussions to creative actualization of the finite, there may be cited:

1. The deity response, the appearance of the three levels of experiential supremacy: the actuality of personal-spirit supremacy in Havona, the potential for personal-power supremacy in the grand universe to be, and the capacity for some unknown function of experiential mind acting on some level of supremacy in the future master universe.

2. The universe response involved an activation of the architectural plans for the superuniverse space level, and this evolution is still progressing throughout the physical organization of the Seven SuperUniverses.

3. The creature repercussion to finite-reality promulgation resulted in the appearance of perfect beings on the order of the eternal inhabitants of Havona and of perfected evolutionary ascenders from the seven superuniverses. But to attain perfection as an evolutionary (time-creative) experience implies something other-than-perfection as a point of departure. Thus arises imperfection in the evolutionary creations. And this is the origin of potential evil. Misadaptation, disharmony, and conflict, all these things are inherent in evolutionary growth, from physical universes to personal creatures.

Nebulae Ancestors Of Universes Uv Sohrss Uv AhL PLan:

Urantia Book 15:4. Nebulae — The Ancestors of Universes

15:4.1 While creation and universe organization remain forever under the control of the…Creators and their associates, the whole phenomenon proceeds in accordance with an ordained technique and in conformity to the gravity laws of force, energy, and matter. But there is something of mystery associated with the universal force-charge of space; we quite understand the organization of the material creations from the ultimatonic stage forward, but we do not fully comprehend the cosmic ancestry of the ultimatons. We are confident that these ancestral forces have a Paradise origin because they forever swing through pervaded space in the exact gigantic outlines of Paradise. Though nonresponsive to Paradise gravity, this force-charge of space, the ancestor of all materialization, does always respond to the presence of nether Paradise, being apparently circuited in and out of the nether Paradise center.

15:4.2 The Paradise master force organizers transmute space potency into primordial force and evolve this prematerial potential into the primary and secondary energy manifestations of physical reality. When this energy attains gravity-responding levels, the power directors and their associates of the superuniverse regime appear upon the scene and begin their never-ending manipulations designed to establish the manifold power circuits and energy channels of the universes of time and space. Thus does physical matter appear in space, and so is the stage set for the inauguration of universe organization.

15:4.3 This segmentation of energy is a phenomenon which has never been solved by the physicists of Nebadon. Their chief difficulty lies in the relative inaccessibility of the Paradise master force organizers, for the living universe power directors, though they are competent to deal with space-energy, do not have the least conception of the origin of the energies they so skillfully and intelligently manipulate.

15:4.4 Paradise master force organizers are Nebulae originators; they are able to initiate about their space presence the tremendous cyclones of force which, when once started, can never be stopped or limited until the all-pervading forces are mobilized for the eventual appearance of the ultimatonic units of universe matter. Thus are brought into being the spiral and other Nebulae, the mother wheels of the direct-origin suns and their varied systems. In outer space there may be seen ten different forms of Nebulae, phases of primary universe evolution, and these vast energy wheels had the same origin as did those in the seven superuniverses.

15:4.5 Nebulae vary greatly in size and in the resulting number and aggregate mass of their stellar and planetary offspring. A sun-forming nebula just north of the borders of Orvonton, but within the superuniverse space level, has already given origin to approximately forty thousand suns, and the mother wheel is still throwing off suns, the majority of which are many times the size of yours. Some of the larger Nebulae of outer space are giving origin to as many as one hundred million suns.

15:4.6 Nebulae are not directly related to any of the administrative units, such as minor sectors or local universes, although some local universes have been organized from the products of a single nebula. Each local universe embraces exactly one one-hundred-thousandth part of the total energy charge of a superuniverse irrespective of nebular relationship, for energy is not organized by Nebulae — it is universally distributed.

15:4.7 Not all spiral Nebulae are engaged in sun making. Some have retained control of many of their segregated stellar offspring, and their spiral appearance is occasioned by the fact that their suns pass out of the nebular arm in close formation but return by diverse routes, thus making it easy to observe them at one point but more difficult to see them when widely scattered on their different returning routes farther out and away from the arm of the nebula. There are not many sun-forming Nebulae active in Orvonton at the present time, though Andromeda, which is outside [this ]inhabited superuniverse, is very active. This far-distant nebula is visible to the naked eye, and when you view it, pause to consider that the light you behold left those distant suns almost one million years ago.

15:4.8 The Milky Way galaxy is composed of vast numbers of former spiral and other Nebulae, and many still retain their original configuration. But as the result of internal catastrophes and external attraction, many have suffered such distortion and rearrangement as to cause these enormous aggregations to appear as gigantic luminous masses of blazing suns, like the Magellanic Cloud. The globular type of star clusters predominates near the outer margins of Orvonton.

15:4.9 The vast star clouds of Orvonton should be regarded as individual aggregations of matter comparable to the separate Nebulae observable in the space regions external to the Milky Way galaxy. Many of the so-called star clouds of space, however, consist of gaseous material only. The energy potential of these stellar gas clouds is unbelievably enormous, and some of it is taken up by near-by suns and redispatched in space as solar emanations.

Havona AhrT Uv Havona Uv Sohrss Uv AhL PLan



Organization Of The Superuniverses Uv Sohrss Uv AhL PLan:

Urantia Book 15:2. Organization of the Superuniverses

15:2.1 Only the Universal Father knows the location and actual number of inhabited worlds in space; he calls them all by name and number. I can give only the approximate number of inhabited or inhabitable planets, for some local universes have more worlds suitable for intelligent life than others. Nor have all projected local universes been organized. Therefore the estimates which I offer are solely for the purpose of affording some idea of the immensity of the material creation.

Excluding the Paradise-Havona spheres, the plan of universe organization provides for the following units:

Superuniverses… … … … . 7
Major sectors… … … … . 70
Minor sectors… … … … 7,000
Local universes … … … . 700,000
Universe Constellations … …70,000,000
Local systems… … … . 7,000,000,000
Inhabitable planets … … …7,000,000,000,000

15:2.18 Each of the seven superuniverses is constituted, approximately, as follows:

One system embraces, approximately… … … … . 1,000 worlds
One constellation (100 local systems) … … . .100,000 worlds
One universe (100 universe constellations) … . 10,000,000 worlds
One minor sector (100 universes) … … . . 1,000,000,000 worlds
One major sector (100 minor sectors) … . . 100,000,000,000 worlds
One superuniverse (10 major sectors) … . 1,000,000,000,000 worlds

15:2.25 All such estimates are approximations at best, for new systems are constantly evolving while other organizations are temporarily passing out of material existence.

15:2.2 There are seven superuniverses in the grand universe, and they are constituted approximately as follows:

Grand Universe Uv Sohrss Uv AhL PLan

Local Group Pikchr Uv Grand Universe And Local Group Uv Reel-Prwvd-Trwth-Saiz-Ohmz:

Urantia Book 15:2.9 7. The Grand Universe. Seven SuperUniverses make up the present organized grand universe, consisting of approximately seven trillion inhabitable worlds plus the architectural spheres and the one billion inhabited spheres of Havona. The superuniverses are ruled and administered indirectly and reflectively from Paradise by the Seven Master Spirits. The billion worlds of Havona are directly administered by the Eternals of Days, one such Supreme Trinity Personality presiding over each of these perfect spheres.

Superuniverse Uv Organization Of The Superuniverses Uv Sohrss Uv AhL PLan:

15:2.8 6. The Superuniverse. Ten major sectors (about 1,000,000,000,000 inhabitable planets) constitute a superuniverse. Each superuniverse is provided with an enormous and glorious headquarters world and is ruled by three Ancients of Days.

MiLky Way SaTeLLiTe GaLaxies Uv SuperUniverse Uv ReeL Prwvd TrwTh Saiz Ohmz.


See Also-AhLsoh:

Major SecTor Uv Sohrss Uv AhL PLan:

UranTia Book 15:2.7 5. The Major Sector. One hundred minor sectors (about 100,000,000,000 inhabitable worlds) make one major sector. Each major sector is provided with a superb headquarters and is presided over by three Perfections of Days, Supreme Trinity Personalities.

Minor Sector Uv Sohrss Uv AhL PLan:

15:2.6 4. The Minor Sector. One hundred local universes (about 1,000,000,000 inhabitable planets) constitute a minor sector of the superuniverse government; it has a wonderful headquarters world, wherefrom its rulers, the Recents of Days, administer the affairs of the minor sector. There are three Recents of Days, Supreme Trinity Personalities, on each minor sector headquarters.

Local Universe Uv Sohrss Uv AhL PLan:

15:2.5 3. The Local Universe. One hundred constellations (about 10,000,000 inhabitable planets) constitute a local universe. Each local universe has a magnificent architectural headquarters world and is ruled by one of the co-ordinate Creator Sons of God of the order of Michael. Each universe is blessed by the presence of a Union of Days, a representative of the Paradise Trinity.

Universe Constellation Uv Sohrss Uv AhL PLan:

15:2.4 2. The Universe Constellation. One hundred local systems (about 100,000 inhabitable planets) make up a universe constellation. Each Universe Constellation has an architectural headquarters sphere and is presided over by three Vorondadek Sons, the Most Highs. Each universe constellation also has a Faithful of Days in observation, an ambassador of the Paradise Trinity.

Local System Uv Sohrss Uv AhL PLan:

15:2.3 1. The Local System. The basic unit of the supergovernment consists of about one thousand inhabited or inhabitable worlds. Blazing suns, cold worlds, planets too near the hot suns, and other spheres not suitable for creature habitation are not included in this group. These one thousand worlds adapted to support life are called a LocaL SysTem, but in the younger systems only a comparatively small number of these worlds may be inhabited. Each inhabited planet is presided over by a Planetary Prince, and each local system has an architectural sphere as its headquarters and is ruled by a System Sovereign.

See: Supreme TriniTy Personalities

SuperUniverse Of Orvonton Uv SohrSS Uv AhL PLan:

Milky Way Subgrpup Pikchr:

Urantia Book 15:3. The Superuniverse of Orvonton

15:3.1 Practically all of the starry realms visible to the naked eye on Urantia belong to the seventh section of the grand universe, the SuperUniverse of Orvonton. The vast Milky Way starry system represents the central nucleus of Orvonton, being largely beyond the borders of your local universe. This great aggregation of suns, dark islands of space, double stars, globular clusters, star clouds, spiral and other nebulae, together with myriads of individual planets, forms a watchlike, elongated-circular grouping of about one seventh of the inhabited evolutionary universes.

15:3.2 From the astronomical position of Urantia, as you look through the cross section of near-by systems to the great Milky Way, you observe that the spheres of Orvonton are traveling in a vast elongated plane, the breadth being far greater than the thickness and the length far greater than the breadth.

15:3.3 Observation of the so-called Milky Way discloses the comparative increase in Orvonton stellar density when the heavens are viewed in one direction, while on either side the density diminishes; the number of stars and other spheres decreases away from the chief plane of our material superuniverse. When the angle of observation is propitious, gazing through the main body of this realm of maximum density, you are looking toward the residential universe and the center of all things.

15:3.4 Of the ten major divisions of Orvonton, eight have been roughly identified by Urantian astronomers. The other two are difficult of separate recognition because you are obliged to view these phenomena from the inside…

15:3.5 The rotational center of your minor sector is situated far away in the enormous and dense star cloud of Sagittarius, around which your local universe and its associated creations all move, and from opposite sides of the vast Sagittarius subgalactic system you may observe two great streams of star clouds emerging in stupendous stellar coils.

15:3.6 The nucleus of the physical Local System to which your sun and its associated planets belong is the center of the onetime Andronover Nebula. This former spiral nebula was slightly distorted by the gravity disruptions associated with the events which were attendant upon the birth of your Solar System, and which were occasioned by the near approach of a large neighboring nebula. This near collision changed Andronover into a somewhat globular aggregation but did not wholly destroy the two-way procession of the suns and their associated physical groups. Your solar system now occupies a fairly central position in one of the arms of this distorted spiral, situated about halfway from the center out towards the edge of the star stream.

15:3.7 The Sagittarius sector and all other sectors and divisions of Orvonton are in rotation around Uversa, and some of the confusion of Urantian star observers arises out of the illusions and relative distortions produced by the following multiple revolutionary movements:

1. The revolution of Urantia around its sun.

2. The circuit of your Solar System about the nucleus of the former Andronover nebula.

3. The rotation of the Andronover stellar family and the associated clusters about the composite rotation-gravity center of the star cloud of Nebadon.

4. The swing of the local star cloud of Nebadon and its associated creations around the Sagittarius center of their minor sector.

5. The rotation of the one hundred minor sectors, including Sagittarius, about their major sector.

6. The whirl of the ten major sectors, the so-called star drifts, about the Uversa headquarters of Orvonton.

7. The movement of Orvonton and six associated superuniverses around Paradise and Havona, the counterclockwise processional of the superuniverse space level.

15:3.15 These multiple motions are of several orders: The space paths of your planet and your solar system are…inherent in origin. The absolute counterclockwise motion of Orvonton is also…inherent in the architectural plans of the master universe. But the intervening motions are of composite origin, being derived in part from the constitutive segmentation of matter-energy into the superuniverses and in part produced by the intelligent and purposeful action of the Paradise Master Force Organizers.

15:3.16 The local universes are in closer proximity as they approach Havona; the circuits are greater in number, and there is increased superimposition, layer upon layer. But farther out from the eternal center there are fewer and fewer systems, layers, circuits, and universes.

See Also=AhLsoh: MinisTering SpiriTs Of The SuperUniverses

Splandon Uv Sohrss Uv AhL PLan:

Splandon is one of the ten major sectors in the superuniverse of Orvonton that consist of 100 minor sectors and 100,000,000,000 inhabited worlds. The capital of Splandon is called Umajor the fifth that is surrounded by seventy satellite worlds devoted to superuniverse intellectual training and development.

Milky Way "estimated to contain 100–400 billion stars" uv Ahl Syuhns uv Omneeoh


Frum UranTia Book Srch Fohr "Splandon":

1 - (15:7.9) Umajor the Fifth, the headquarters of your major sector, Splandon, is surrounded by the seventy spheres of the advancing intellectual training of the OrvonTon superuniverse.

2 - (15:14.7) The minor sector of Ensa consists of one hundred local universes and has a capital called Uminor the third. This minor sector is number three in the major sector of Splandon. Splandon consists of one hundred minor sectors and has a headquarters world called Umajor the fifth. It is the fifth major sector of the superuniverse of Orvonton, the seventh segment of the grand universe. Thus you can locate your planet, Urantia, in the scheme of the organization and administration of the universe of universes.

3 - (18:4.7) You will early see the Perfections of Days when you advance to the headquarters of Splandon after your sojourn on the worlds of your minor sector, for these exalted rulers are closely associated with the seventy major sector worlds of higher training for the ascendant creatures of [[[time]]. The [[Perfections of Days]]], in person, administer the group pledges to the ascending graduates of the major sector schools.

Ensa Uv Sohrss Uv AhL PLan:

United Federation Of Planets In Milky Way Uv Ensa Uv Sohrss Uv AhL PLan:


Frum Srch Thuh UranTia Book Fohr "Ensa"]:

1 - (15:7.8) Uminor the third, the headquarters of your minor sector, Ensa, is surrounded by the seven spheres of the higher physical studies of the ascendant life.

2 - (15:14.6) [Our Local System] has a headquarters world called Jerusem, and it is system number twenty-four in the Universe Constellation of Norlatiadek. Your Universe Constellation, Norlatiadek, consists of one hundred local systems and has a headquarters world called Edentia. Norlatiadek is number seventy in the LocaL Universe of Nebadon. The local universe of Nebadon consists of one hundred Universe Constellations and has a capital known as Salvington. The Local Universe of Nebadon is number eighty-four in the minor sector of Ensa.

3 - (15:14.7) The minor sector of Ensa consists of one hundred local universes and has a capital called Uminor the third. This minor sector is number three in the major sector of Splandon. Splandon consists of one hundred minor sectors and has a headquarters world called Umajor the fifth. It is the fifth major sector of the superuniverse of Orvonton, the seventh segment of the Grand Universe. Thus you can locate your planet, Urantia, in the scheme of the organization and administration of the universe of universes.

4 - (18:5.5) You will all sometime know the three Recents of Days in charge of Ensa, your minor sector, since you must pass through their hands on your way inward to the training worlds of the major sectors. In ascending to Uversa, you will pass through only one group of minor sector training spheres.

5 - (29:4.18) 2. Mechanical Controllers. These are the exceedingly versatile and mobile assistants of the associate power directors. Trillions upon trillions of them are commissioned in Ensa, your minor sector. These beings are called mechanical controllers because they are so completely dominated by their superiors, so fully subservient to the will of the associate power directors. Nevertheless they are, themselves, very intelligent, and their work, though mechanical and matter-of-fact in nature, is skillfully performed.

6 - (35:10.2) These administrative schools of the local universe are supervised by a corps of Lanonandek Sons who have had long experience as System Sovereigns and as Universe Constellation counselors. These executive colleges are excelled only by the administrative schools of Ensa.

Andronover Nebula Uv Sohrss Uv AhL PLan:

Urantia Book 57:1. The Andronover Nebula

57:1.1 Urantia is of origin in your sun, and your sun is one of the multifarious offspring of the Andronover nebula, which was onetime organized as a component part of the physical power and material matter of the local universe of Nebadon. And this great nebula itself took origin in the universal force-charge of space in the superuniverse of Orvonton, long, long ago.

57:1.2 At the time of the beginning of this recital, the Primary Master Force Organizers of Paradise had long been in full control of the space-energies which were later organized as the [[[Andronover nebula]].

57:1.3 987,000,000,000 years ago associate force organizer and then acting inspector number 811,307 of the Orvonton series, traveling out from Uversa, reported to the Ancients of Days that space conditions were favorable for the initiation of materialization phenomena in a certain sector of the, then, easterly segment of Orvonton.

57:1.4 900,000,000,000 years ago, the Uversa archives testify, there was recorded a permit issued by the Uversa Council of Equilibrium to the superuniverse government authorizing the dispatch of a force organizer and staff to the region previously designated by inspector number 811,307. The Orvonton authorities commissioned the original discoverer of this potential LocaL Universe to execute the mandate of the Ancients of Days calling for the organization of a new material creation.

57:1.5 The recording of this permit signifies that the force organizer and staff had already departed from Uversa on the long journey to that easterly space sector where they were subsequently to engage in those protracted activities which would terminate in the emergence of a new physical creation in Orvonton.

57:1.6 875,000,000,000 years ago the enormous Andronover nebula number 876,926 was duly initiated. Only the presence of the force organizer and the liaison staff was required to inaugurate the energy whirl which eventually grew into this vast cyclone of space. Subsequent to the initiation of such nebular revolutions, the living force organizers simply withdraw at right angles to the plane of the revolutionary disk, and from that time forward, the inherent qualities of energy insure the progressive and orderly evolution of such a new physical system.

57:1.7 At about this time the narrative shifts to the functioning of the personalities of the Orvonton superuniverse. In reality the story has its proper beginning at this point — at just about the time the Paradise Master Force Organizers are preparing to withdraw, having made the space-energy conditions ready for the action of the power directors and physical controllers of the superuniverse of Orvonton.

Primary Nebular Stage Uv Sohrss Uv AhL PLan:

UranTia Book 57:2. The Primary Nebular Stage

57:2.1 All evolutionary material creations are born of circular and gaseous nebulae, and all such primary nebulae are circular throughout the early part of their gaseous existence. As they grow older, they usually become spiral, and when their function of sun formation has run its course, they often terminate as clusters of stars or as enormous suns surrounded by a varying number of planets, satellites, and smaller groups of matter in many ways resembling your own diminutive solar system.

57:2.2 800,000,000,000 years ago the Andronover creation was well established as one of the magnificent primary nebulae of Orvonton. As the astronomers of near-by universes looked out upon this phenomenon of space, they saw very little to attract their attention. Gravity estimates made in adjacent creations indicated that space materializations were taking place in the Andronover regions, but that was all.

57:2.3 700,000,000,000 years ago the Andronover system was assuming gigantic proportions, and additional physical controllers were dispatched to nine surrounding material creations to afford support and supply co-operation to the power centers of this new material system which was so rapidly evolving. At this distant date all of the material bequeathed to the subsequent creations was held within the confines of this gigantic space wheel, which continued…to whirl and, after reaching its maximum of diameter, to whirl faster and faster as it continued to condense and contract.

57:2.4 600,000,000,000 years ago the height of the Andronover energy-mobilization period was attained; the nebula had acquired its maximum of mass. At this time it was a gigantic circular gas cloud in shape somewhat like a flattened spheroid. This was the early period of differential mass formation and varying revolutionary velocity. Gravity and other influences were about to begin their work of converting space gases into organized matter.

Secondary Nebular Stage Uv Sohrss Uv AhL PLan:

Urantia Book 57:3. The Secondary Nebular Stage

57:3.1 The enormous Andronover NebuLa now began gradually to assume the spiral form and to become clearly visible to the astronomers of even distant universes. This is the natural history of most nebulae; before they begin to throw off suns and start upon the work of universe building, these secondary space nebulae are usually observed as spiral phenomena.

57:3.2 The near-by star students of that faraway era, as they observed this metamorphosis of the Andronover nebula, saw exactly what twentieth-century astronomers see when they turn their telescopes spaceward and view the present-age spiral nebulae of adjacent outer space.

57:3.3 About the time of the attainment of the maximum of mass, the gravity control of the gaseous content commenced to weaken, and there ensued the stage of gas escapement, the gas streaming forth as two gigantic and distinct arms, which took origin on opposite sides of the mother mass. The rapid revolutions of this enormous central core soon imparted a spiral appearance to these two projecting gas streams. The cooling and subsequent condensation of portions of these protruding arms eventually produced their knotted appearance. These denser portions were vast systems and subsystems of physical matter whirling through space in the midst of the gaseous cloud of the nebula while being held securely within the gravity grasp of the mother wheel.

57:3.4 But the nebula had begun to contract, and the increase in the rate of revolution further lessened gravity control; and erelong, the outer gaseous regions began actually to escape from the immediate embrace of the nebular nucleus, passing out into space on circuits of irregular outline, returning to the nuclear regions to complete their circuits, and so on. But this was only a temporary stage of nebular progression. The ever-increasing rate of whirling was soon to throw enormous suns off into space on independent circuits.

57:3.5 And this is what happened in Andronover ages upon ages ago. The energy wheel grew and grew until it attained its maximum of expansion, and then, when contraction set in, it whirled on faster and faster until, eventually, the critical centrifugal stage was reached and the great breakup began.

57:3.6 500,000,000,000 years ago the first Andronover sun was born. This blazing streak broke away from the…gravity grasp and tore out into space on an independent adventure in the cosmos of creation. Its orbit was determined by its path of escape. Such young suns quickly become spherical and start out on their long and eventful careers as the stars of space. Excepting terminal nebular nucleuses, the vast majority of Orvonton suns have had an analogous birth. These escaping suns pass through varied periods of evolution and subsequent universe service.

57:3.7 400,000,000,000 years ago began the recaptive period of the Andronover nebula. Many of the near-by and smaller suns were recaptured as a result of the gradual enlargement and further condensation of the mother nucleus. Very soon there was inaugurated the terminal phase of nebular condensation, the period which always precedes the final segregation of these immense space aggregations of energy and matter.

57:3.8 It was scarcely a million years subsequent to this epoch that MichaeL of Nebadon, a Creator Son of Paradise, selected this disintegrating nebula as the site of his adventure in universe building. Almost immediately the architectural worlds of Salvington and the one hundred constellation headquarters groups of planets were begun. It required almost one million years to complete these clusters of specially created worlds. The LocaL SysTem headquarters planets were constructed over a period extending from that time to about five billion years ago.

57:3.9 300,000,000,000 years ago the Andronover solar circuits were well established, and the nebular system was passing through a transient period of relative physical stability. About this time the staff of Michael arrived on Salvington, and the Uversa government of Orvonton extended physical recognition to the local universe of Nebadon.

57:3.10 200,000,000,000 years ago witnessed the progression of contraction and condensation with enormous heat generation in the Andronover central cluster, or nuclear mass. Relative space appeared even in the regions near the central…sun wheel. The outer regions were becoming more stabilized and better organized; some planets revolving around the newborn suns had cooled sufficiently to be suitable for life implantation. The oldest inhabited planets of Nebadon date from these times.

57:3.11 Now the completed LocaL Universe mechanism of Nebadon first begins to function, and Michael’s creation is registered on Uversa as a universe of inhabitation and progressive mortal ascension.

57:3.12 100,000,000,000 years ago the nebular apex of condensation tension was reached; the point of maximum heat tension was attained. This critical stage of gravity-heat contention sometimes lasts for ages, but sooner or later, heat wins the struggle with gravity, and the spectacular period of sun dispersion begins. And this marks the end of the secondary career of a space nebula.

Nebadon LocaL Universe Uv Sohrss Uv AhL PLan:

Local Universe Uv Sohrss Uv AhL PLan:

15:2.5 3. The Local Universe. One hundred constellations (about 10,000,000 inhabitable planets) constitute a local universe. Each local universe has a magnificent architectural headquarters world and is ruled by one of the co-ordinate Creator Sons of God of the order of Michael. Each universe is blessed by the presence of a Union of Days, a representative of the Paradise Trinity.

Where is Nebadon?

There are some elements about Nebadon in The Urantia Book that can be correlated with what has been discovered by astronomers.

Lets go look.
The Urantia Book:
P.458 - §2
The suns of Nebadon are not unlike those of other universes. The material composition of all suns, dark islands, planets, and satellites, even meteors, is quite identical. These suns have an average diameter of about one million miles, that of your own solar orb being slightly less. The largest star in the universe, the stellar cloud Antares, is four hundred and fifty times the diameter of your sun and is sixty million times its volume. But there is abundant space to accommodate all of these enormous suns. They have just as much comparative elbow room in space as one dozen oranges would have if they were circulating about throughout the interior of Urantia, and were the planet a hollow globe.

point: The largest star in the universe, the stellar cloud Antares
distinction: There are larger stars than Antares that have been discovered in our galaxy so these stars must be outside of Nebadon.

The Urantia Book:
P.466 - §4
Urantia is comparatively isolated on the outskirts of Satania…with one exception, being the farthest removed from Jerusem, while Satania itself is next to the outermost system of Norlatiadek, and this universe constellation is now traversing the outer fringe of Nebadon

point: Urantia is comparatively isolated on the outskirts of Satania…with one exception, being the farthest removed from Jerusem, while Satania itself is next to the outermost system of Norlatiadek, and this universe constellation is now traversing the outer fringe of Nebadon.
distinction: We are on the outer fringe of Nebadon.

assertion: Most of Nebadon is in one direction in our sky.

Using Burnham’s Celestial Handbook (a great text on astronomy)
I found this…
Antares is a supergiant star of exceptionally great dimensions; among the bright stars it is probably exceeded in size only by Betelgeuse.
fact: Data from Hipparcos Catalog

The distance to the star Betelgeuse is 427.47 light-years.
The distance to the star Antares is 603.99 light-years.

assertion: Both Antares and Betelgeuse, are light years away from us in almost opposite directions from each other. Betelgeuse has been found to be larger than Antares. So we know that Betelgeuse is not in Nebadon. So we know we are on the edge of Nebadon, and that most of Nebadon is not in the direction of Betelgeuse.

The Urantia Book:
P.455 - §3
One or moreeven manysuch nebulae may be encompassed within the domain of a single local universe even as Nebadon was physically assembled out of the stellar and planetary progeny of Andronover and other nebulae. The spheres of Nebadon are of diverse nebular ancestry, but they all had a certain minimum commonness of space motion which was so adjusted by the intelligent efforts of the power directors as to produce our present aggregation of space bodies, which travel along together as a contiguous unit over the orbits of the superuniverse.

point: Nebadon was physically assembled out of the stellar and planetary progeny of Andronover and other nebulae.

point: The spheres of Nebadon are of diverse nebular ancestry, but they all had a certain minimum commonness of space motion

distinction: Nebadon is made up of more than just the Andronover nebula. And that all the stars of Nebadon have a common space motion.

From Burnnam’s Celestial Handbook (p-1668):

A large scattered aggregation of early-type stars extends over about 90 degrees of the southern sky, and includes many of the bright stars in the Astronomy constellations of Crux, Centaurus, Lupus, and Scorpius. This aggregation is called the Scorpio Centaurus Association. It is a part of a general population of bright B-type stars in the region defining a larger structure often called the (Astronomy) Local System or the Local Star Cloud, a sub-unit in one of the spiral arms of our Galaxy. The Group is the nearest aggregation of early B-type stars,…(snip)

The members of the Scorpio-Centaurus Association show a common space motion toward the southwest,…(snip) The proper motions are all rather small, averaging about 0.03 annually, but the fact of common motion is clearly evident. The entire group forms a flattened and tilted structure crossing the central plane of the Milky Way in the region of the Southern Cross…(snip)

Antares itself is the brightest member of the huge Association…(snip)

point: defining a larger structure often called the (Astronomy) Local System or the Local Star Cloud

note: the Local Star Cloud

point: but the fact of common motion is clearly evident

point: Antares itself is the brightest member of the huge Association

The Facts on File Dictionary of Astronomy (p-157):

Gould Belt (Astronomy Local System). A local formation of stars and clouds of gas and dust that appears to be a spur attached to the lower edge of the Orion arm of the Galaxy. It contains many of the apparently brightest stars in the sky, which follow the projection of the system across the sky in a ‘belt’ at 16 degrees to the line of the Milky Way. The system is about 700 parsecs wide and 70 parsecs thick and includes the II Persei, Scorpio-Centaurus, and Orion OB-associations. The sun lies approximately 12 parsecs north of the Belts equatorial plane and about 100 parsecs from its center.

assertion: [T]his so called Gould Belt [might be] Nebadon:


This part of the sky is up in the early evenings during the summer months (
probably of the Northern Hemisphere).

Administration Of The Local Universe Uv Nebadon Uv Sohrss Uv AhL PLan

CreaTor Son And CreaTive SpiriT

Universe Son And Spirit Pikchrz Uv KreeayTrz And Universe Son And Spirit Uv Sohrss Uv AhL PLan:

CreaTor Son MichaEL Pikchr Uv MykuL And MichaEL of Nebadon Uv Sohrss Uv AhL PLan:

Frum: Christ Michael Aton Speaks on Man’s Choices

CreaTive SpiriT Uv Universe Mother Spirit Picture In Yeeng Voyss Sownd Chahrz Iz


Universe Son And SpiriT Uv Creators And Nebadon Uv Sohrss Uv AhL PLan

Urantia Book 33:3. The Universe Son and Spirit

33:3.1 While pervading all the universes of time and space, the Infinite Spirit functions from the headquarters of each LocaL Universe as a specialized focalization acquiring full personality qualities by the technique of creative co-operation with the Creator Son. As concerns a LocaL Universe, the administrative authority of a Creator Son is Supreme; the Infinite Spirit, as the Divine Minister, is wholly co-operative though perfectly co-ordinate.

33:3.2 The LocaL Universe Mother Spirit of Salvington, the associate of MichaeL in the control and administration of Nebadon, is of the sixth group of Supreme Spirits, being the 611,121st of that order. She volunteered to accompany MichaEL on the occasion of his liberation from Paradise obligations and has ever since functioned with him in creating and governing his LocaL Universe.

33:3.3 The Master Creator Son is the personal sovereign of his LocaL Universe, but in all the details of its management the LocaL Universe Mother SpiriT is codirector with the CreaTor Son. While the CreaTive SpiriT ever acknowledges the CreaTor Son as sovereign and ruler, the Creator Son always accords the Creative Spirit a co-ordinate position and equality of authority in all the affairs of the realm. In all his work of love and life bestowal the Creator Son is always and ever perfectly sustained and ably assisted by the all-wise and ever-faithful LocaL Universe MoTher SpiriT and by all of her diversified retinue of AngELic personalities. Such a Divine Minister is in reality the mother of spirits and spirit personalities, the ever-present and all-wise adviser of the Creator Son, a FaiThful and true manifestation of the…Infinite Spirit.

33:3.4 The Creator Son functions as a father in his local universe. The CreaTive SpiriT, as mortal creatures would understand, enacts the role of a mother, always assisting the CreaTor Son and being everlastingly indispensable to the administration of the LocaL Universe. In the face of insurrection only the Creator Son and his associated Sons can function as deliverers. Never can the CreaTive SpiriT undertake to contest rebellion or defend authority, but ever does the CreaTive SpiriT sustain the CreaTor Son in all of everything he may be required to experience in his efforts to stabilize GovernmenT and uphold authority on worlds tainted with evil or dominated by sin. Only a Creator Son can retrieve the work of their joint creation, but no CreaTor Son could hope for final success without the incessant co-operation of the Divine Minister and her vast assemblage of SpiriT helpers, the daughters of God, who so faithfully and valiantly struggle for the welfare of mortal men and the glory of their Divine parents.

33:3.5 Upon the completion of the Creator Son’s seventh and final creature bestowal, the uncertainties of periodic isolation terminate for the Divine Minister, and the CreaTor Son’s LocaL Universe helper becomes forever settled in surety and control. It is at the enthronement of the CreaTor Son as a Master Son, at the jubilee of jubilees, that the LocaL Universe MoTher SpiriT, before the assembled hosts, first makes public and universal acknowledgment of subordination to the CreaTor Son, pledging fidelity and obedience. This event occurred in Nebadon] at the Time of MichaeL’s return to SaLvingTon after the Urantian bestowal. Never before this momentous occasion did the LocaL Universe MoTher SpiriT acknowledge subordination to the LocaL Universe CreaTor Son

33:3.6 After this pledge of subordination by the LocaL Universe MoTher SpiriT, Michael of Nebadon nobly acknowledged his eternal dependence on his CreaTive SpiriT companion, constituting the CreaTive SpiriT coruler of his LocaL Universe domains and requiring all their creatures to pledge themselves in loyalty to the CreaTive SpiriT as they had to the CreaTor Son; and there issued and went forth the final “Proclamation of Equality.” Though he was the sovereign of this LocaL Universe, the MasTer Son published to the worlds the fact of the CreaTive SpiriT’s equality with him in all endowments of personality and attributes of Divine character. And this becomes the transcendent pattern for the family organization and government of even the lowly creatures of the worlds of space. This is, in deed and in truth, the high ideal of the family and the human institution of voluntary marriage.

33:3.7 The MasTer Son and the CreaTive SpiriT now preside over the LocaL Universe much as a father and mother watch over, and minister to, their family of sons and daughters. It is not altogether out of place to refer to the LocaL Universe MoTher SpiriT as the creative companion of the Creator Son and to regard the creatures of the realms as their sons and daughters — a grand and glorious family but one of untold responsibilities and endless watchcare.

33:3.8 The MasTer Son initiates the creation of certain of the LocaL Universe children, while the CreaTive SpiriT is solely responsible for bringing into existence the numerous orders of spirit personalities who minister and serve under the direction and guidance of this selfsame MoTher SpiriT. In the creation of other types of universe personalities, both the MasTer Son and the CreaTive SpiriT function together, and in no creative act does the one do aught without the counsel and approval of the other.

UranTia Book Paper 34:3. The Son and Spirit in Time and Space

34:3.2 The InfiniTe SpiriT pervades all space and indwells the circle of eternity. Still, in their personal contact with the children of Time, the personalities of the Infinite Spirit must often reckon with temporal elements, though not so much with space. Many mind ministries ignore space but suffer a time lag in effecting co-ordination of diverse levels of universe reality. A Solitary Messenger is virtually independent of space except that Time is actually required in traveling from one location to another; and there are similar entities unknown to you.

34:3.3 In personal prerogatives a CreaTive SpiriT is wholly and entirely independent of space, but not of Time. There is no specialized personal presence of such a LocaL Universe [[[CreaTive SpiriT]] on either the Universe ConsTeLLaTion or LocaL SysTem headquarters. She is equally and diffusely present throughout her entire [[LocaL Universe]]] and is, therefore, just as literally and personally present on one world as on any other.

34:3.4 Only as regards the element of Time is a CreaTive SpiriT ever limited in her universe ministrations. A Creator Son acts instantaneously throughout his universe; but the CreaTive SpiriT must reckon with time in the ministration of the universal mind except as she consciously and designedly avails herself of the personal prerogatives of the LocaL Universe CreaTor Son. In pure-SpiriT function the CreaTive SpiriT also acts independently of Time as well as in her collaboration with the mysterious function of universe Reflectivity.

34:3.5 Though the SpiriT-gravity circuit of the Eternal Son operates independently of both time and space, all functions of the Creator Sons are not exempt from space limitations. If the transactions of the evolutionary worlds are excepted, these MichaeL Sons seem to be able to operate relatively independent of time. A Creator Son is not handicapped by Time, but he is conditioned by space; he cannot personally be in two places at the same time. Michael of Nebadon acts timelessly within his own LocaL Universe and by reflectivity practically so in the OrvonTon SuperUniverse. He communicates timelessly with the Eternal Son directly.

34:3.6 The Divine MinisTer is the understanding helper of the Creator Son, enabling him to overcome and atone for his inherent limitations regarding space, for when these two function in administrative union, they are practically independent of time and space within the confines of their LocaL Universe creation. Therefore, as practically observed throughout a [LocaL Universe, the Creator Son and the CreaTive SpiriT usually function independently of both time and space since there is always available to each the [Time and the space liberation of the other.

34:3.8 When a CreaTive SpiriT becomes “space conscious,” she is preparing to recognize a circumscribed “space domain” as hers, a realm in which to be space free in contradistinction to all other space by which she would be conditioned. One is free to choose and act only within the realm of one’s consciousness.

Thuh Bright and Morning Star GabriEL Chief ExecuTive

Nebadon Gabriel Pikchr Uv Nebadon Uv Sohrss Uv AhL PLan:

Frum: Angel TruThBook GabriEL - The BrighT And Morning STar

Urantia Book 33:4. Gabriel — The Chief Executive

33:4.1 The Bright and Morning Star is the personalization of the first concept of identity and ideal of personality conceived by the Creator Son and the LocaL Universe manifestation of the InfiniTe SpiriT. Going back to the early days of the LocaL Universe, before the union of the Creator Son and the Universe Mother SpiriT in the bonds of creative association, back to the times before the beginning of the creation of their versatile family of sons and daughters, the first conjoint act of this early and free association of these two divine persons results in the creation of the highest spirit personality of the Creator Son and the Universe MoTher SpiriT, the Bright and Morning Star.

33:4.2 Only one such being of wisdom and majesty is brought forth in each LocaL Universe. The Universal Father and the Eternal Son can, in fact do, create an unlimited number of Sons in Divinity equal to themselves; but such Sons, in union with the Daughters of the Infinite Spirit, can create only one Bright and Morning Star in each universe, a being like themselves and partaking freely of their combined natures but not of their creative prerogatives. GabriEL of SaLvingTon is like the LocaL Universe [[Creator Son]]] in divinity of nature though considerably limited in the attributes of Deity.

33:4.3 This first-born of the parents of a new universe is a unique personality possessing many wonderful traits not visibly present in either ancestor, a being of unprecedented versatility and unimagined brilliance. This supernal personality embraces the divine will of the CreaTor Son combined with the creative imagination of the Universe MoTher SpiriT. The thoughts and acts of the Bright and Morning Star will ever be fully representative of both the Creator Son and the Creative SpiriT. Such a being is also capable of a broad understanding of, and sympathetic contact with, both the spiritual Seraphic hosts and the material evolutionary will creatures.

33:4.4 The Bright and Morning Star is not a creator, but he is a marvelous administrator, being the personal administrative representative of the Creator Son. Aside from creation and life impartation the CreaTor Son and the CreaTive SpiriT never confer upon important LocaL Universe procedures without GabriEL’s presence.

33:4.5 GabriEL of Salvington is the chief executive of the LocaL Universe of Nebadon and the arbiter of all executive appeals respecting its administration. This LocaL Universe executive was created fully endowed for his work, but he has gained experience with the growth and evolution of our local creation.

33:4.6 GabriEL is the chief officer of execution for SuperUniverse mandates relating to nonpersonal affairs in the LocaL Universe. Most matters pertaining to mass judgment and dispensational resurrections, adjudicated by the Ancients of Days, are also delegated to [GabriEL and his staff for execution. Gabriel is thus the combined chief executive of both the SuperUniverse and the LocaL Universe rulers. He has at his command an able corps of administrative assistants, created for their special work, who are unrevealed to evolutionary mortals. In addition to these assistants, GabriEL may employ any and all of the orders of celestial beings functioning in Nebadon, and he is also the commander in chief of “the armies of heaven” — the celestial hosts.

33:4.7 GabriEL and his staff are not teachers; they are administrators. They were never known to depart from their regular work except when MichaEL was incarnated on a creature bestowal. During such bestowals GabriEL was ever attendant on the will of the bestowed Creator Son, and with the collaboration of the Union of Days, he became the actual director of universe affairs during the later bestowals. Gabriel has been closely identified with the history and development of Urantia ever since the mortal bestowal of MichaEL.

33:4.8 Aside from meeting GabriEL on the bestowal worlds and at the times of general- and special-resurrection roll calls, mortals will seldom encounter him as they ascend through the LocaL Universe until they are inducted into the administrative work of the local creation. As administrators, of whatever order or degree, you will come under the direction of GabriEL.

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Urantia Book 34:4. The Local Universe Circuits

34:4.1 There are three distinct spirit circuits in the local universe of Nebadon:

1. The BesTowaL SpiriT of the Creator Son, the Comforter, the SpiriT of TruTh.

2. The spirit circuit of the Divine Minister, the Holy SpiriT.

3. The intelligence-ministry circuit, including the more or less unified activities but diverse functioning of the seven adjutant mind-spirits.

34:4.5 The Creator Sons are endowed with a spirit of universe presence in many ways analogous to that of the Seven Master Spirits of Paradise. This is the SpiriT of TruTh which is poured out upon a world by a bestowal Son after he receives spiritual title to such a sphere. This bestowed Comforter is the spiritual force which ever draws all truth seekers towards Him who is the personification of truth in the local universe. This spirit is an inherent endowment of the Creator Son, emerging from his divine nature just as the master circuits of the grand universe are derived from the personality presences of the Paradise Deities.

34:4.6 The Creator Son may come and go; his personal presence may be in the local universe or elsewhere; yet the SpiriT of TruTh functions undisturbed, for this divine presence, while derived from the personality of the Creator Son, is functionally centered in the person of the Divine Minister.

34:4.7 The Universe Mother Spirit, however, never leaves the local universe headquarters world. The spirit of the Creator Son may and does function independently of the personal presence of the Son, but not so with her personal spirit. The Holy Spirit of the Divine Minister would become nonfunctional if her personal presence should be removed from Salvington. Her spirit presence seems to be fixed on the universe headquarters world, and it is this very fact that enables the spirit of the Creator Son to function independently of the whereabouts of the Son. The Universe Mother Spirit acts as the universe focus and center of the SpiriT of TruTh as well as of her own personal influence, the Holy Spirit.

34:4.8 The Creator Father-Son and the Creative Mother Spirit both contribute variously to the mind endowment of their local universe children. But the Creative Spirit does not bestow mind until she is endowed with personal prerogatives.

34:4.9 The superevolutionary orders of personality in a local universe are endowed with the local universe type of the superuniverse pattern of mind. The human and the subhuman orders of evolutionary life are endowed with the adjutant spirit types of mind ministration.

34:4.10 The seven adjutant mind-spirits are the creation of the Divine Minister of a local universe. These mind-spirits are similar in character but diverse in power, and all partake alike of the nature of the Universe Spirit, although they are hardly regarded as personalities apart from their Mother Creator. The seven adjutants have been given the following names: the spirit of wisdom, the spirit of worship, the spirit of counsel, the spirit of knowledge, the spirit of courage, the spirit of understanding, the spirit of intuition — of quick perception.

34:4.11 These are the “seven spirits of God,” “like lamps burning before the throne,” which the prophet saw in the symbols of vision. But he did not see the seats of the four and twenty sentinels about these seven adjutant mind-spirits. This record represents the confusion of two presentations, one pertaining to the universe headquarters and the other to the system capital. The seats of the four and twenty elders are on Jerusem, the headquarters of your local system of inhabited worlds.

34:4.12 But it was of Salvington that John wrote: “And out of the throne proceeded lightnings and thunderings and voices” — the universe broadcasts to the local systems. He also envisaged the directional control creatures of the local universe, the living compasses of the headquarters world. This directional control in Nebadon is maintained by the four control creatures of Salvington, who operate over the universe currents and are ably assisted by the first functioning mind-spirit, the adjutant of intuition, the spirit of “quick understanding.” But the description of these four creatures — called beasts — has been sadly marred; they are of unparalleled beauty and exquisite form.

34:4.13 The four points of the compass are universal and inherent in the life of Nebadon. All living creatures possess bodily units which are sensitive and responsive to these directional currents. These creature creations are duplicated on down through the universe to the individual planets and, in conjunction with the magnetic forces of the worlds, so activate the hosts of microscopic bodies in the animal organism that these direction cells ever point north and south. Thus is the sense of orientation forever fixed in the living beings of the universe. This sense is not wholly wanting as a conscious possession by mankind. These bodies were first observed on Urantia about the time of this narration.

See Also=ShLsoh:

Local Universe Sons Of God Uv Nebadon Uv Sohrss Uv AhL PLan:

Urantia Book, Part 2, Paper 35: The Local Universe Sons of God

35:0.1 THE Sons of God previously introduced have had a Paradise origin. They are the offspring of the divine Rulers of the universal domains. Of the first Paradise order of sonship, the Creator Sons, there is in Nebadon only one, Michael, the universe father and sovereign. Of the second order of Paradise sonship, the Avonal or MagisTeriaL Sons, Nebadon has its full quota — 1,062… The third order, being of Trinity origin, do not register in a LocaL Universe, but I estimate there are in Nebadon between fifteen and twenty thousand Trinity Teacher Sons exclusive of 9,642 creature-trinitized assistants of record. These Paradise DaynaLs are neither magistrates nor administrators; they are superteachers.

35:0.7 Triune Paradise Deity functions for the creation of three orders of sonship: the MichaELs, the AvonaLs, and the DaynaLs. Dual DeiTy in the local universe, the CreaTor Son and the CreaTive SpiriT, also functions in the creation of three high orders of Sons: the Melchizedeks, the Vorondadeks, and the Lanonandeks; and having achieved this threefold expression, they collaborate with the next level of God the Sevenfold in the production of the versatile order of Life Carriers. These beings are classified with the Descending Sons of God, but they are a unique and original form of universe life

35:0.2 The types of Sons about to be considered are of LocaL Universe origin; they are the offspring of a Paradise Creator Son in varied association with the complemental Universe MoTher SpiriT. The following orders of LocaL Universe sonship find mention in these narratives:

1. Melchizedek Sons
2. Vorondadek Sons
3. Lanonandek Sons
4. Life Carrier Sons

MeLchizedeks In Yeeng Voyss Sownd Chahrz Iz MehLkihzehdeks

MeLchizedek In Yeeng Voyss Sownd Chahrz Iz MeLkihzehdek

ETymoLogy Uv Wrd: Melchizedek

name of a priest-king in the Old Testament, from Hebrew Malki-tzedeq, literally "king of righteousness," from melekh "king;" second element related to tzadaq "he was righteous," tzaddiq "just, righteous."

[[include Father-Melchizedek]]

MeLchizedek Sons In Yeeng Voyss Sownd Chahrz Iz MeLkihzehdek Sunz

Urantia Book Paper 35:2. The Melchizedek Sons

35:2.1 The Melchizedeks are the first order of divine Sons to approach sufficiently near the lower creature life to be able to function directly in the ministry of mortal uplift, to serve the evolutionary races without the necessity of incarnation. These Sons are naturally at the mid-point of the great personality descent, by origin being just about midway between the highest Divinity and the lowest creature life of will endowment. They thus become the natural intermediaries between the higher and divine levels of living existence and the lower, even the material, forms of life on the evolutionary worlds. The seraphic orders, the angels, delight to work with the Melchizedeks; in fact, all forms of intelligent life find in these Sons understanding friends, sympathetic teachers, and wise counselors.

35:2.2 The Melchizedeks are a self-governing order. With this unique group we encounter the first attempt at self-determination on the part of local universe beings and observe the highest type of true self-government. These Sons organize their own machinery for their group and home-planet administration, as well as that for the six associated spheres and their tributary worlds. And it should be recorded that they have never abused their prerogatives; not once throughout all the superuniverse of Orvonton have these Melchizedek Sons ever betrayed their trust. They are the hope of every universe group which aspires to self-government; they are the pattern and the teachers of self-government to all the spheres of Nebadon. All orders of intelligent beings, superiors from above and subordinates from below, are wholehearted in their praise of the government of the Melchizedeks.

35:2.3 The Melchizedek order of sonship occupies the position, and assumes the responsibility, of the eldest son in a large family. Most of their work is regular and somewhat routine, but much of it is voluntary and altogether self-imposed. A majority of the special assemblies which, from time to time, convene on Salvington are called on motion of the Melchizedeks. On their own initiative these Sons patrol their native universe. They maintain an autonomous organization devoted to universe intelligence, making periodical reports to the Creator Son independent of all information coming up to universe headquarters through the regular agencies concerned with the routine administration of the realm. They are by nature unprejudiced observers; they have the full confidence of all classes of intelligent beings.

35:2.4 The Melchizedeks function as mobile and advisory review courts of the realms; these universe Sons go in small groups to the worlds to serve as advisory commissions, to take depositions, to receive suggestions, and to act as counselors, thus helping to compose the major difficulties and settle the serious differences which arise from time to time in the affairs of the evolutionary domains.

35:2.5 These eldest Sons of a universe are the chief aids of the Bright and Morning Star in carrying out the mandates of the Creator Son. When a Melchizedek goes to a remote world in the name of Gabriel, he may, for the purposes of that particular mission, be deputized in the name of the sender and in that event will appear on the planet of assignment with the full authority of the Bright and Morning Star. Especially is this true on those spheres where a higher Son has not yet appeared in the likeness of the creatures of the realm.

35:2.6 When a Creator Son enters upon the bestowal career on an evolutionary world, he goes alone; but when one of his Paradise brothers, an Avonal Son, enters upon a bestowal, he is accompanied by the Melchizedek supporters, twelve in number, who so efficiently contribute to the success of the bestowal mission. They also support the Paradise Avonals on magisterial missions to the inhabited worlds, and in these assignments the Melchizedeks are visible to mortal eyes if the Avonal Son is also thus manifest.

35:2.7 There is no phase of planetary spiritual need to which they do not minister. They are the teachers who so often win whole worlds of advanced life to the final and full recognition of the Creator Son and his Paradise Father.

35:2.8 The Melchizedeks are well-nigh perfect in wisdom, but they are not infallible in judgment. When detached and alone on planetary missions, they have sometimes erred in minor matters, that is, they have elected to do certain things which their supervisors did not subsequently approve. Such an error of judgment temporarily disqualifies a Melchizedek until he goes to Salvington and, in audience with the Creator Son, receives that instruction which effectually purges him of the disharmony which caused disagreement with his fellows; and then, following the correctional rest, reinstatement to service ensues on the third day. But these minor misadaptations in Melchizedek function have rarely occurred in Nebadon.

35:2.9 These Sons are not an increasing order; their number is stationary, although varying in each local universe. The number of Melchizedeks of record on their headquarters planet in Nebadon is upward of ten million.

MeLchizedek WorLds In Yeeng Voyss Sownd Chahrz Iz MeLkihzehdek WrLdz

Urantia Book Paper 35:3. The Melchizedek Worlds

35:3.1 The Melchizedeks occupy a world of their own near Salvington, the universe headquarters. This sphere, by name Melchizedek, is the pilot world of the Salvington circuit of seventy primary spheres, each of which is encircled by six tributary spheres devoted to specialized activities. These marvelous spheres — seventy primaries and 420 tributaries — are often spoken of as the Melchizedek University. Ascending mortals from all the constellations of Nebadon pass through training on all 490 worlds in the acquirement of residential status on Salvington. But the education of ascenders is only one phase of the manifold activities taking place on the Salvington cluster of architectural spheres.

35:3.2 The 490 spheres of the Salvington circuit are divided into ten groups, each containing seven primary and forty-two tributary spheres. Each of these groups is under the general supervision of some one of the major orders of universe life. The first group, embracing the pilot world and the next six primary spheres in the encircling planetary procession, is under the supervision of the Melchizedeks. These Melchizedek worlds are:

1. The pilot world — the home world of the Melchizedek Sons.
2. The world of the physical-life schools and the laboratories of living energies.
3. The world of morontia life.
4. The sphere of initial spirit life.
5. The world of mid-spirit life.
6. The sphere of advancing spirit life.
7. The domain of co-ordinate and supreme self-realization.
35:3.10 The six tributary worlds of each of these Melchizedek spheres are devoted to activities germane to the work of the associated primary sphere.

35:3.11 The pilot world, the sphere Melchizedek, is the common meeting ground for all beings who are engaged in educating and spiritualizing the ascending mortals of time and space. To an ascender this world is probably the most interesting place in all Nebadon. All evolutionary mortals who graduate from their constellation training are destined to land on Melchizedek, where they are initiated into the regime of the disciplines and spirit progression of the Salvington educational system. And never will you forget your reactions to the first day of life on this unique world, not even after you have reached your Paradise destination.

35:3.12 Ascending mortals maintain residence on the Melchizedek world while pursuing their training on the six encircling planets of specialized education. And this same method is adhered to throughout their sojourn on the seventy cultural worlds, the primary spheres of the Salvington circuit.

35:3.13 Many diverse activities occupy the time of the numerous beings who reside on the six tributary worlds of the Melchizedek sphere, but as concerns the ascending mortals, these satellites are devoted to the following special phases of study:

1. Sphere number one is occupied with the review of the initial planetary life of the ascending mortals. This work is carried on in classes composed of those who hail from a given world of mortal origin. Those from Urantia pursue such an experiential review together.
2. The special work of sphere number two consists in a similar review of the experiences passed through on the mansion worlds encircling the premier satellite of the local system headquarters.
3. The reviews of this sphere pertain to the sojourn on the capital of the local system and embrace the activities of the remainder of the architectural worlds of the system headquarters cluster.
4. The fourth sphere is occupied with a review of the experiences of the seventy tributary worlds of the constellation and of their associated spheres.
5. On the fifth sphere there is conducted the review of the ascendant sojourn on the constellation headquarters world.
6. The time on sphere number six is devoted to an attempt to correlate these five epochs and thus achieve co-ordination of experience preparatory to entering the Melchizedek primary schools of universe training.
35:3.20 The schools of universe administration and spiritual wisdom are located on the Melchizedek home world, where also are to be found those schools devoted to a single line of research, such as energy, matter, organization, communication, records, ethics, and comparative creature existence.

35:3.21 In the Melchizedek College of Spiritual Endowment all orders — even the Paradise orders — of the Sons of God co-operate with the Melchizedek and the seraphic teachers in training the hosts who go forth as evangels of destiny, proclaiming spiritual liberty and divine sonship even to the remote worlds of the universe. This particular school of the Melchizedek University is an exclusive universe institution; student visitors are not received from other realms.

35:3.22 The highest course of training in universe administration is given by the Melchizedeks on their home world. This College of High Ethics is presided over by the original Father Melchizedek. It is to these schools that the various universes send exchange students. While the young universe of Nebadon stands low in the scale of universes as regards spiritual achievement and high ethical development, nevertheless, our administrative troubles have so turned the whole universe into a vast clinic for other near-by creations that the Melchizedek colleges are thronged with student visitors and observers from other realms. Besides the immense group of local registrants there are always upward of one hundred thousand foreign students in attendance upon the Melchizedek schools, for the order of Melchizedeks in Nebadon is renowned throughout all Splandon.

UranTia Book Paper 35:4. Special Work of the MeLchizedeks

35:4.1 A highly specialized branch of Melchizedek activities has to do with the supervision of the progressive morontia career of the ascending mortals. Much of this training is conducted by the patient and wise seraphic ministers, assisted by mortals who have ascended to relatively higher levels of universe attainment, but all of this educational work is under the general supervision of the Melchizedeks in association with the Trinity Teacher Sons.

35:4.2 While the Melchizedek orders are chiefly devoted to the vast educational system and experiential training regime of the local universe, they also function in unique assignments and in unusual circumstances. In an evolving universe eventually embracing approximately ten million inhabited worlds, many things out of the ordinary are destined to happen, and it is in such emergencies that the Melchizedeks act. On Edentia, your constellation headquarters, they are known as emergency Sons. They are always ready to serve in all exigencies — physical, intellectual, or spiritual — whether on a planet, in a system, in a constellation, or in the universe. Whenever and wherever special help is needed, there you will find one or more of the Melchizedek Sons.

35:4.3 When failure of some feature of the Creator Son’s plan is threatened, forthwith will go a Melchizedek to render assistance. But not often are they summoned to function in the presence of sinful rebellion, such as occurred in Satania.

35:4.4 The Melchizedeks are the first to act in all emergencies of whatever nature on all worlds where will creatures dwell. They sometimes act as temporary custodians on wayward planets, serving as receivers of a defaulting planetary government. In a planetary crisis these Melchizedek Sons serve in many unique capacities. It is easily possible for such a Son to make himself visible to mortal beings, and sometimes one of this order has even incarnated in the likeness of mortal flesh. Seven times in Nebadon has a Melchizedek served on an evolutionary world in the similitude of mortal flesh, and on numerous occasions these Sons have appeared in the likeness of other orders of universe creatures. They are indeed the versatile and volunteer emergency ministers to all orders of universe intelligences and to all the worlds and systems of worlds.

35:4.5 The Melchizedek who lived on Urantia during the time of Abraham was locally known as Prince of Salem because he presided over a small colony of truth seekers residing at a place called Salem. He volunteered to incarnate in the likeness of mortal flesh and did so with the approval of the Melchizedek receivers of the planet, who feared that the light of life would become extinguished during that period of increasing spiritual darkness. And he did foster the truth of his day and safely pass it on to Abraham and his associates.

See ALso=AhLsoh:

Vorondadeks Uv Nebadon Uv Sohrss Uv AhL PLan:

Vorondadek Uv Nebadon Uv Sohrss Uv AhL PLan:

Vorondadek Sons Uv Vorondadeks Uv Nebadon Uv Sohrss Uv AhL PLan:

[[IncLude Vorondadek-Son]]

UranTia Book Paper 35:5. The Vorondadek Sons

35:5.1 After the creation of the personal aids and the first group of the versatile Melchizedeks, the Creator Son and the LocaL Universe CreaTive SpiriT planned for, and brought into existence, the second great and diverse order of LocaL Universe sonship, the Vorondadeks. They are more generally known as Constellation Fathers because a Son of this order is uniformly found at the head of each Universe ConsTeLLaTion GovernmenT in every LocaL Universe.

35:5.2 The number of Vorondadeks varies in each LocaL Universe, just one million being the recorded number in Nebadon. These Sons, like their co-ordinates, the Melchizedeks, possess no power of reproduction. There exists no known method whereby they can increase their numbers.

35:5.3 In many respects these Sons are a self-governing body; as individuals and as groups, even as a whole, they are largely self-determinative, much as are the Melchizedeks, but Vorondadeks do not function through such a wide range of activities. They do not equal their Melchizedek brethren in brilliant versatility, but they are even more reliable and efficient as rulers and farseeing administrators. Neither are they quite the administrative peers of their subordinates, the Lanonandek System Sovereigns, but they excel all orders of LocaL Universe sonship in stability of purpose and in divinity of judgment.

35:5.4 Although the decisions and rulings of this order of Sons are always in accordance with the spirit of Divine sonship and in harmony with the policies of the Creator Son, they have been cited for error to the CreaTor Son, and in details of technique their decisions have sometimes been reversed on appeal to the superior tribunals of the universe. But these Sons rarely fall into error, and they have never gone into rebellion; never in all the history of Nebadon has a Vorondadek been found in contempt of the universe GovernmenT.

35:5.5 The service of the Vorondadeks in the LocaL Universes is extensive and varied. They serve as ambassadors to other universes and as consuls representing Universe ConsTeLLaTions within their native LocaL Universe. Of all orders of local universe sonship they are the most often intrusted with the full delegation of sovereign powers to be exercised in critical universe situations.

35:5.6 On those worlds segregated in spiritual darkness, those spheres which have, through rebellion and default, suffered planetary isolation, an observer Vorondadek is usually present pending the restoration of normal status. In certain emergencies this Most High observer could exercise absolute and arbitrary authority over every celestial being assigned to that planet. It is of record on Salvington that the Vorondadeks have sometimes exercised such authority as Most High regents of such planets. And this has also been true even of inhabited worlds that were untouched by rebellion.

35:5.7 Often a corps of twelve or more Vorondadek Sons sits en banc as a high court of review and appeal concerning special cases involving the status of a planet or a LocaL System. But their work more largely pertains to the legislative functions indigenous to the Universe ConsTeLLaTion GovernmenTs. As a result of all these services, the Vorondadek Sons have become the historians of the LocaL Universes; they are personally familiar with all the political struggles and the social upheavals of the inhabited worlds.

ConsTeLLaTion FaThers Uv Nebadon Uv Sohrss Uv AhL PLan:

UranTia Book Paper 35:6. The Constellation Fathers

35:6.1 At least three Vorondadeks are assigned to the rulership of each of the one hundred Universe ConsTeLLaTions of a LocaL Universe. These Sons are selected by the CreaTor Son and are commissioned by GabriEL as the Most Highs of the Universe ConsTeLLaTions for service during one dekamillennium — 10,000 standard years, about 50,000 years of [UranTia Time. The reigning Most High, the Constellation Father, has two associates, a senior and a junior. At each change of administration the senior associate becomes the head of the GovernmenT, the junior assumes the duties of the senior, while the unassigned Vorondadeks resident on the SaLvingTon worlds nominate one of their number as candidate for selection to assume the responsibilities of junior associate. Thus each of the Most High rulers, in accordance with present policy, has a period of service on the headquarters of a constellation of three dekamillenniums, about 150,000 UranTia Years.

35:6.2 The one hundred ConsTeLLaTion FaThers, the actual presiding heads of the Universe ConsTeLLaTion GovernmenTs, constitute the supreme advisory cabinet of the CreaTor Son. This council is in frequent session at LocaL Universe headquarters and is unlimited in the scope and range of its deliberations but is chiefly concerned with the welfare of the Universe ConsTeLLaTions and with the unification of the administration of the entire LocaL Universe.

35:6.3 When a ConsTeLLaTion FaTher is in attendance upon duties at the LocaL Universe headquarters, as he frequently is, the senior associate becomes acting director of Universe ConsTeLLaTion affairs. The normal function of the senior associate is the oversight of spiritual affairs, while the junior associate is personally occupied with the physical welfare of the Universe ConsTeLLaTion. No major policy, however, is ever carried out in a constellation unless all three of the Most Highs are agreed upon all the details of its execution.

35:6.4 The entire mechanism of SpiriT Intelligence and communication channels is at the disposal of the Universe ConsTeLLaTion Most Highs. They are in perfect touch with their superiors on Salvington and with their direct subordinates, the sovereigns of the LocaL SysTems. They frequently convene in council with these SysTem Sovereigns to deliberate upon the state of the Unvierse ConsTeLLaTion.

35:6.5 The Most Highs surround themselves with a corps of counselors, which varies in number and personnel from time to time in accordance with the presence of the various groups at Universe ConsTeLLaTion headquarters and also as the local requirements vary. During times of stress they may ask for, and will quickly receive, additional Sons of the Vorondadek order to assist with the administrative work. NorLaTiadek, your own Universe Constellation, is at present administered by twelve Vorondadek Sons.

Vorondadek WorLds Uv Vorondadek Uv Nebadon Uv Sohrss Uv AhL PLan:

UranTia Book Paper 35:7. The Vorondadek Worlds

35:7.1 The second group of seven worlds in the circuit of seventy primary spheres surrounding SaLvingTon comprise the Vorondadek planets. Each of these spheres, with its six encircling satellites, is devoted to a special phase of Vorondadek activities. On these forty-nine realms the ascending mortals secure the acme of their education respecting universe LegisLation.

35:7.2 The ascending mortals have observed the LegisLaTive assemblies as they functioned on the headquarters worlds of the Universe ConsTeLLaTions, but here on these Vorondadek Worlds they participate in the enactment of the actual general LegisLaTion of the LocaL Universe under the tutelage of the senior Vorondadeks. Such enactments are designed to co-ordinate the varied pronouncements of the autonomous LegisLaTive assemblies of the one hundred Universe ConsTeLLaTions. The instruction to be had in the Vorondadek schools is unexcelled even on Uversa. This training is progressive, extending from the first sphere, with supplemental work on its six satellites, on up through the remaining six primary spheres and their associated satellite groups.

35:7.3 The ascending pilgrims will be introduced to numerous new activities on these worlds of study and practical work. We are not forbidden to undertake the revelation of these new and undreamed-of pursuits, but we despair of being able to portray these undertakings to the material mind of mortal beings. We are without words to convey the meanings of these supernal activities, and there are no analogous Human engagements which might be utilized as illustrations of these new occupations of the ascending mortals as they pursue their studies on these forty-nine worlds. And many other activities, not a part of the ascendant regime, are centered on these Vorondadek WorLds of the SaLvingTon circuit.

Lanondadeks Uv Nebadon Uv Sohrss Uv AhL PLan:

Lanondadek Uv Nebadon Uv Sohrss Uv AhL PLan:

Lanonandek Sons Uv Lanondadeks Uv Nebadon Uv Sohrss Uv AhL PLan:

[[include Lanonandek-Lanaforge]]

UranTia Book Paper 35:8. The Lanonandek Sons

35:8.1 After the creation of the Vorondadeks, the Creator Son and the LocaL Universe MoTher SpiriT unite for the purpose of bringing into existence the third order of LocaL Universe sonship, the Lanonandeks. Although occupied with varied tasks connected with the LocaL SysTem administrations, they are best known as System Sovereigns, the rulers of the LoocaL SysTems, and as PLaneTary Princes, the administrative heads of the inhabited worlds.

35:8.2 Being a later and lower — as concerns divinity levels — order of sonship creation, these beings were required to pass through certain courses of training on the MeLchizedek WorLds in preparation for subsequent service. They were the first students in the Melchizedek University and were classified and certified by their Melchizedek teachers and examiners according to ability, personality, and attainment.

35:8.3 The LocaL Universe of Nebadon [had] exactly twelve million Lanonandeks, and when they had passed through the Melchizedek sphere, they were divided in the final tests into three classes:

[[include Primary-Lanonandeks]]

[[include Secondary-Lanonandeks]]

[[include TerTiary-Lanonandeks]]

35:8.7 It is not possible, as it is with evolutionary beings, for these Sons to progress from one group to another. When subjected to the MeLchizedek training, when once tested and classified, they serve continuously in the rank assigned. Neither do these Sons engage in reproduction; their number in the LocaL Universe is stationary.

35:8.8 In round numbers the Lanonandek order of Sons is classified on Salvington as follows:

Universe Co-ordinators and Constellation Counselors . 100,000
System Sovereigns and Assistants… … … . . 600,000
PLaneTary Princes and Reserves… … … . .10,000,000
Messenger Corps … … … … … … . 400,000
Custodians and Recorders… … … … … 100,000
Reserve Corps … … … … … … . . 800,000

35:8.15 Since Lanonandeks are a somewhat lower order of sonship than the MeLchizedeks and the Vorondadeks, they are of even greater service in the subordinate units of the universe, for they are capable of drawing nearer the lower creatures of the intelligent races. They also stand in greater danger of going astray, of departing from the acceptable technique of universe government. But these Lanonandeks, especially the primary order, are the most able and versatile of all LocaL Universe administrators. In executive ability they are excelled only by GabriEL and his unrevealed associates.

Lanonandek RuLers Uv Lanondadeks Uv Nebadon Uv Sohrss Uv AhL PLan:

UranTia Book Paper 35:9. The Lanonandek Rulers

35:9.1 The Lanonandeks are the continuous rulers of the planets and the rotating SysTem Sovereigns of the LocaL SysTems. Such a Son now rules on Jerusem, the headquarters of your LocaL SysTem of inhabited worlds.

35:9.2 The SysTem Sovereigns rule in commissions of two or three on the headquarters of each LocaL SysTem of inhabited worlds. The Constellation Father names one of these Lanonandeks as chief every dekamillennium. Sometimes no change in the head of the trio is made, the matter being entirely optional with the constellation rulers. LocaL SysTem governments do not suddenly change in personnel unless a tragedy of some sort occurs.

35:9.3 When System Sovereigns or assistants are recalled, their places are filled by selections made by the supreme council located on the constellation headquarters from the reserves of that order, a group which is larger on Edentia than the average indicated.

35:9.4 The supreme Lanonandek councils are stationed on the various Universe ConsTeLLaTion headquarters. Such a body is presided over by the senior Most High associate of the ConsTeLLaTion FaTher, while the junior associate supervises the reserves of the secondary order.

35:9.5 The SysTem Sovereigns are true to their names; they are well-nigh sovereign in the local affairs of the inhabited worlds. They are almost paternal in their direction of the Planetary Princes, the Material Sons, and the ministering spirits. The personal grasp of the sovereign is all but complete. These rulers are not supervised by Trinity observers from the Havona, the central universe. They are the executive division of the LocaL Universe, and as custodians of the enforcement of Legislative mandates and as executives for the application of judicial verdicts, they present the one place in all universe administration where personal disloyalty to the will of the MichaEL Son could most easily and readily intrench itself and seek to assert itself.

35:9.6 Our LocaL Universe has been unfortunate in that over seven hundred Sons of the Lanonandek order have rebelled against the universe government, thus precipitating confusion in several LocaL SysTems and on numerous planets. Of this entire number of failures only three were System Sovereigns; practically all of these Sons belonged to the second and third orders, PLaneTary Princes and TerTiary Lanonandeks.

35:9.7 The large number of these Sons who have lapsed from integrity does not indicate any fault in creatorship. They could have been made divinely perfect, but they were so created that they might better understand, and draw near to, the evolutionary creatures dwelling on the worlds of Time and space.

35:9.8 Of all the LocaL Universes in Orvonton, our LocaL Universe has, with the exception of Henselon, lost the largest number of this order of Sons. On Uversa it is the consensus that we have had so much administrative trouble in Nebadon because our Sons of the Lanonandek order have been created with such a large degree of personal liberty in choosing and planning. I do not make this observation by way of criticism. The CreaTor Son of our LocaL Universe has full authority and power to do this. It is the contention of our high rulers that, while such free-choosing Sons make excessive trouble in the earlier ages of the LocaL Universe, when things are fully sifted and finally settled, the gains of higher loyalty and fuller volitional service on the part of these thoroughly tested Sons will far more than compensate for the confusion and tribulations of earlier times.

35:9.9 In the event of rebellion on a LocaL SysTem headquarters, a new SysTem Sovereign is usually installed within a comparatively short time, but not so on the individual planets. They are the component units of the material creation, and creature free will is a factor in the final adjudication of all such problems. Successor PLaneTary Princes are designated for isolated worlds, planets whose princes of authority may have gone astray, but they do not assume active rulership of such worlds until the results of insurrection are partially overcome and removed by the remedial measures adopted by the Melchizedeks and other ministering personalities. Rebellion by a PLaneTary Prince instantly isolates his planet; the local spiritual circuits are immediately severed. Only a BestowaL Son can re-establish interplanetary lines of communication on such a spiritually isolated world.

35:9.10 There exists a plan for saving these wayward and unwise Sons, and many have availed themselves of this merciful provision; but never again may they function in those positions wherein they defaulted. After rehabilitation they are assigned to custodial duties and to departments of physical administration.

Lanonandek WorLds Uv Lanondadeks Uv Nebadon Uv Sohrss Uv AhL PLan:

UranTia Book Paper 35:10. The Lanonandek Worlds

35:10.1 The third group of seven Worlds in the SalvingTon circuit of seventy planets, with their respective forty-two satellites, constitute the Lanonandek cluster of administrative spheres. On these realms the experienced Lanonandeks belonging to the ex-System Sovereign corps officiate as administrative teachers of the ascending pilgrims and the Seraphic Hosts. The evolutionary mortals observe the system administrators at work on the system capitals, but here they participate in the actual co-ordination of the administrative pronouncements of the ten thousand local systems.

35:10.2 These administrative schools of the LocaL Universe are supervised by a corps of Lanonandek Sons who have had long experience as SysTem Sovereigns and as Universe ConsTellaTion counselors. These executive colleges are excelled only by the administrative schools of Ensa.

35:10.3 While serving as training spheres for ascending mortals, the Lanonandek WorLds are the centers for extensive undertakings having to do with the normal and routine administrative operations of the LocaL Universe. All the way in to Paradise the ascending pilgrims pursue their studies in the practical schools of applied knowledge — actual training in really doing the things they are being taught. The LocaL Universe educational system sponsored by the Melchizedeks is practical, progressive, meaningful, and experiential. It embraces training in things material, intellectual, Morontial, and SpiriTual.

35:10.4 It is in connection with these administrative spheres of the Lanonandeks that most of the salvaged Sons of that order serve as custodians and directors of planetary affairs. And these defaulting PLaneTary Princes and their associates in rebellion who choose to accept the proffered rehabilitation will continue to serve in these routine capacities, at least until the LocaL Universe of Nebadon is settled [as one of the] Spheres of LighT and Life.

35:10.5 Many of the Lanonandek Sons in the older systems, however, have established wonderful records of service, administration, and spiritual achievement. They are a noble, faithful, and loyal group, notwithstanding their tendency to fall into error through fallacies of personal liberty and fictions of self-determination.

Life Carriers Uv Nebadon Uv Sohrss Uv AhL PLan:

Urantia Book Part 2, Paper 36 The Life Carriers

36:0.1 LIFE does not originate spontaneously. Life is constructed according to plans formulated by the (unrevealed in UranTia Book) Architects of Being and appears on the inhabited planets either by direct importation or as a result of the operations of the Life Carriers of the LocaL Universes. These carriers of life are among the most interesting and versatile of the diverse family of LocaL Universe [children]. They are intrusted with designing and carrying creature life to the planetary spheres. And after planting this life on such new worlds, they remain there for long periods to foster its development.

1. Origin and Nature of Life Carriers

36:1.1 Though the Life Carriers belong to the family of Divine sonship, they are a peculiar and distinct type of Universe [Children]]], being the only group of intelligent life in a LocaL Universe in whose creation the rulers of a SuperUniverse participate. The Life Carriers are the offspring of three pre-existent personalities: the CreaTor Son, the LocaL Universe MoTher SpiriT, and, by designation, one of the three AncienTs of Days presiding over the destinies of the SuperUniverse concerned. These AncienTs of Days…participate in the creation of the Life Carriers, who are intrusted with establishing physical Life on the evolving worlds.

36:1.2 In the LocaL Universe of Nebadon we have on record the creation of one hundred million Life Carriers. This efficient corps of Life disseminators is not a truly self-governing group. They are directed by the Life-determining trio, consisting of GabriEL, the Father Melchizedek, and Nambia, the original and first-born Life Carrier of Nebadon. But in all phases of their divisional administration they are self-governing.

36:1.3 Life Carriers are graded into three grand divisions: The first division is the senior Life Carriers, the second, assistants, and the third, custodians. The primary division is subdivided into twelve groups of specialists in the various forms of life manifestation. The segregation of these three divisions was effected by the Melchizedeks, who conducted tests for such purposes on the Life Carriers’ headquarters sphere. The Melchizedeks have ever since been closely associated with the Life Carriers and always accompany them when they go forth to establish life on a new planet.

36:1.4 When an evolutionary planet is finally settled [as one of the] Spheres Ov Light and Life, the Life Carriers are organized into the higher deliberative bodies of advisory capacity to assist in the further administration and development of the world and its glorified beings. In the later and settled ages of an evolving LocaL Universe these [[[Life Carriers]] are intrusted with many new duties.

2. The Life Carrier Worlds

36:2.1 The Melchizedeks have the general oversight of the fourth group of seven primary spheres in the Salvington circuit. These worlds of the Life Carriers are designated as follows:

1. The Life Carrier headquarters.
2. The life-planning sphere.
3. The life-conservation sphere.
4. The sphere of life evolution.
5. The sphere of life associated with mind.
6. The sphere of mind and spirit in living beings.
7. The sphere of unrevealed life.

36:2.9 Each of these primary spheres is surrounded by six satellites, on which the special phases of all the Life Carrier activities in the universe are centered.

36:2.10 World Number One, the headquarters sphere, together with its six tributary satellites, is devoted to the study of universal life, life in all of its known phases of manifestation. Here is located the college of life planning, wherein function teachers and advisers from Uversa and Havona, even from Paradise. And I am permitted to reveal that the seven central emplacements of the adjutant mind-spirits are situated on this world of the Life Carriers.

36:2.11 The number ten — the decimal system — is inherent in the physical universe but not in the spiritual. The domain of life is characterized by three, seven, and twelve or by multiples and combinations of these basic numbers. There are three primal and essentially different life plans, after the order of the three Paradise Sources and Centers, and in the universe of Nebadon these three basic forms of life are segregated on three different types of planets. There were, originally, twelve distinct and divine concepts of transmissible life. This number twelve, with its subdivisions and multiples, runs throughout all basic life patterns of all seven superuniverses. There are also seven architectural types of life design, fundamental arrangements of the reproducing configurations of living matter. The Orvonton life patterns are configured as twelve inheritance carriers. The differing orders of will creatures are configured as 12, 24, 48, 96, 192, 384, and 768. On Urantia there are forty-eight units of pattern control — trait determiners — in the sex cells of human reproduction.

36:2.12 The Second World is the life-designing sphere; here all new modes of life organization are worked out. While the original life designs are provided by the Creator Son, the actual outworking of these plans is intrusted to the Life Carriers and their associates. When the general life plans for a new world have been formulated, they are transmitted to the headquarters sphere, where they are minutely scrutinized by the supreme council of the senior Life Carriers in collaboration with a corps of consulting Melchizedeks. If the plans are a departure from previously accepted formulas, they must be passed upon, and endorsed by, the Creator Son. The chief of Melchizedeks often represents the Creator Son in these deliberations.

36:2.13 Planetary life, therefore, while similar in some respects, differs in many ways on each evolutionary world. Even in a uniform life series in a single family of worlds, life is not exactly the same on any two planets; there is always a planetary type, for the Life Carriers work constantly in an effort to improve the vital formulas committed to their keeping.

36:2.14 There are over one million fundamental or cosmic chemical formulas which constitute the parent patterns and the numerous basic functional variations of life manifestations. Satellite number one of the life-planning sphere is the realm of the universe physicists and electrochemists who serve as technical assistants to the Life Carriers in the work of capturing, organizing, and manipulating the essential units of energy which are employed in building up the material vehicles of life transmission, the so-called germ plasm.

36:2.15 The planetary life-planning laboratories are situated on the second satellite of this world number two. In these laboratories the Life Carriers and all their associates collaborate with the Melchizedeks in the effort to modify and possibly improve the life designed for implantation on the decimal planets of Nebadon. The life now evolving on Urantia was planned and partially worked out on this very world, for Urantia is a decimal planet, a life-experiment world. On one world in each ten a greater variance in the standard life designs is permitted than on the other (nonexperimental) worlds.

36:2.16 World Number Three is devoted to the conservation of life. Here various modes of life protection and preservation are studied and developed by the assistants and custodians of the Life Carrier corps. The life plans for every new world always provide for the early establishment of the life-conservation commission, consisting of custodian specialists in the expert manipulation of the basic life patterns. On Urantia there were twenty-four such custodian commissioners, two for each fundamental or parent pattern of the architectural organization of the life material. On planets such as yours the highest form of life is reproduced by a life-carrying bundle which possesses twenty-four pattern units. (And since the intellectual life grows out of, and upon the foundation of, the physical, there come into existence the four and twenty basic orders of psychic organization.)

36:2.17 Sphere Number Four and its tributary satellites are devoted to the study of the evolution of creature life in general and to the evolutionary antecedents of any one life level in particular. The original life plasm of an evolutionary world must contain the full potential for all future developmental variations and for all subsequent evolutionary changes and modifications. The provision for such far-reaching projects of life metamorphosis may require the appearance of many apparently useless forms of animal and vegetable life. Such by-products of planetary evolution, foreseen or unforeseen, appear upon the stage of action only to disappear, but in and through all this long process there runs the thread of the wise and intelligent formulations of the original designers of the planetary life plan and species scheme. The manifold by-products of biologic evolution are all essential to the final and full function of the higher intelligent forms of life, notwithstanding that great outward disharmony may prevail from time to time in the long upward struggle of the higher creatures to effect the mastery of the lower forms of life, many of which are sometimes so antagonistic to the peace and comfort of the evolving will creatures.

36:2.18 Number Five World is concerned wholly with life associated with mind. Each of its satellites is devoted to the study of a single phase of creature mind correlated with creature life. Mind such as man comprehends is an endowment of the seven adjutant mind-spirits superimposed on the nonteachable or mechanical levels of mind by the agencies of the Infinite Spirit. The life patterns are variously responsive to these adjutants and to the different spirit ministries operating throughout the universes of time and space. The capacity of material creatures to effect spirit response is entirely dependent on the associated mind endowment, which, in turn, has directionized the course of the biologic evolution of these same mortal creatures.

36:2.19 World Number Six is dedicated to the correlation of mind with spirit as they are associated with living forms and organisms. This world and its six tributaries embrace the schools of creature co-ordination, wherein teachers from both the central universe and the superuniverse collaborate with the Nebadon instructors in presenting the highest levels of creature attainment in time and space.

36:2.20 The Seventh Sphere of the Life Carriers is dedicated to the unrevealed domains of evolutionary creature life as it is related to the cosmic philosophy of the expanding factualization of the Supreme Being.

3. Life Transplantation
36:3.1 Life does not spontaneously appear in the universes; the Life Carriers must initiate it on the barren planets. They are the carriers, disseminators, and guardians of life as it appears on the evolutionary worlds of space. All life of the order and forms known on Urantia arises with these Sons, though not all forms of planetary life are existent on Urantia.

36:3.2 The corps of Life Carriers commissioned to plant life upon a new world usually consists of one hundred senior carriers, one hundred assistants, and one thousand custodians. The Life Carriers often carry actual life plasm to a new world, but not always. They sometimes organize the life patterns after arriving on the planet of assignment in accordance with formulas previously approved for a new adventure in life establishment. Such was the origin of the planetary life of Urantia.

36:3.3 When, in accordance with approved formulas, the physical patterns have been provided, then do the Life Carriers catalyze this lifeless material, imparting through their persons the vital spirit spark; and forthwith do the inert patterns become living matter.

36:3.4 The vital spark — the mystery of life — is bestowed through the Life Carriers, not by them. They do indeed supervise such transactions, they formulate the life plasm itself, but it is the Universe Mother Spirit who supplies the essential factor of the living plasm. From the Creative Daughter of the Infinite Spirit comes that energy spark which enlivens the body and presages the mind.

36:3.5 In the bestowal of life the Life Carriers transmit nothing of their personal natures, not even on those spheres where new orders of life are projected. At such times they simply initiate and transmit the spark of life, start the required revolutions of matter in accordance with the physical, chemical, and electrical specifications of the ordained plans and patterns. Life Carriers are living catalytic presences which agitate, organize, and vitalize the otherwise inert elements of the material order of existence.

36:3.6 The Life Carriers of a planetary corps are given a certain period in which to establish life on a new world, approximately one-half million years of the time of that planet. At the termination of this period, indicated by certain developmental attainments of the planetary life, they cease implantation efforts, and they may not subsequently add anything new or supplemental to the life of that planet.

36:3.7 During the ages intervening between life establishment and the emergence of human creatures of moral status, the Life Carriers are permitted to manipulate the life environment and otherwise favorably directionize the course of biologic evolution. And this they do for long periods of time.

36:3.8 When the Life Carriers operating on a new world have once succeeded in producing a being with will, with the power of moral decision and spiritual choice, then and there their work terminates — they are through; they may manipulate the evolving life no further. From this point forward the evolution of living things must proceed in accordance with the endowment of the inherent nature and tendencies which have already been imparted to, and established in, the planetary life formulas and patterns. The Life Carriers are not permitted to experiment or to interfere with will; they are not allowed to dominate or arbitrarily influence moral creatures.

36:3.9 Upon the arrival of a Planetary Prince they prepare to leave, though two of the senior carriers and twelve custodians may volunteer, by taking temporary renunciation vows, to remain indefinitely on the planet as advisers in the matter of the further development and conservation of the life plasm. Two such Sons and their twelve associates are now serving on Urantia.

4. Melchizedek Life Carriers
36:4.1 In every local system of inhabited worlds throughout Nebadon there is a single sphere whereon the Melchizedeks have functioned as life carriers. These abodes are known as the system midsonite worlds, and on each of them a materially modified Melchizedek Son has mated with a selected Daughter of the material order of sonship. The Mother Eves of such midsonite worlds are dispatched from the system headquarters of jurisdiction, having been chosen by the designated Melchizedek life carrier from among the numerous volunteers who respond to the call of the System Sovereign addressed to the Material Daughters of his sphere.

36:4.2 The progeny of a Melchizedek life carrier and a Material Daughter are known as midsoniters. The Melchizedek father of such a race of supernal creatures eventually leaves the planet of his unique life function, and the Mother Eve of this special order of universe beings also departs upon the appearance of the seventh generation of planetary offspring. The direction of such a world then devolves upon her eldest son.

36:4.3 The midsonite creatures live and function as reproducing beings on their magnificent worlds until they are one thousand standard years of age; whereupon they are translated by seraphic transport. Midsoniters are nonreproducing beings thereafter because the technique of dematerialization which they pass through in preparation for enseraphiming forever deprives them of reproductive prerogatives.

36:4.4 The present status of these beings can hardly be reckoned as either mortal or immortal, neither can they be definitely classified as human or divine. These creatures are not Adjuster indwelt, hence hardly immortal. But neither do they seem to be mortal; no midsoniter has experienced death. All midsoniters ever born in Nebadon are alive today, functioning on their native worlds, on some intervening sphere, or on the Salvington midsonite sphere in the finaliters’ group of worlds.

36:4.5 The Salvington Worlds of the Finaliters. The Melchizedek life carriers, as well as the associated Mother Eves, go from the system midsonite spheres to the finaliters’ worlds of the Salvington circuit, where their offspring are also destined to forgather.

36:4.6 It should be explained in this connection that the fifth group of seven primary worlds in the Salvington circuit are the Nebadon worlds of the finaliters. The children of the Melchizedek life carriers and the Material Daughters are domiciled on the seventh world of the finaliters, the Salvington midsonite sphere.

36:4.7 The satellites of the seven primary worlds of the finaliters are the rendezvous of the personalities of the super- and central universes who may be executing assignments in Nebadon. While the ascending mortals go about freely on all of the cultural worlds and training spheres of the 490 worlds comprising the Melchizedek University, there are certain special schools and numerous restricted zones which they are not permitted to enter. This is especially true of the forty-nine spheres under the jurisdiction of the finaliters.

36:4.8 The purpose of the midsonite creatures is not at present known, but it would appear that these personalities are forgathering on the seventh finaliter world in preparation for some future eventuality in universe evolution. Our inquiries concerning the midsonite races are always referred to the finaliters, and always do the finaliters decline to discuss the destiny of their wards. Regardless of our uncertainty as to the future of the midsoniters, we do know that every local universe in Orvonton harbors such an accumulating corps of these mysterious beings. It is the belief of the Melchizedek life carriers that their midsonite children will some day be endowed with the transcendental and eternal spirit of absonity by God the Ultimate.

5. The Seven Adjutant Mind-Spirits
36:5.1 It is the presence of the seven adjutant mind-spirits on the primitive worlds that conditions the course of organic evolution; that explains why evolution is purposeful and not accidental. These adjutants represent that function of the mind ministry of the Infinite Spirit which is extended to the lower orders of intelligent life through the operations of a local universe Mother Spirit. The adjutants are the children of the Universe Mother Spirit and constitute her personal ministry to the material minds of the realms. Wherever and whenever such mind is manifest, these spirits are variously functioning.

36:5.2 The seven adjutant mind-spirits are called by names which are the equivalents of the following designations: intuition, understanding, courage, knowledge, counsel, worship, and wisdom. These mind-spirits send forth their influence into all the inhabited worlds as a differential urge, each seeking receptivity capacity for manifestation quite apart from the degree to which its fellows may find reception and opportunity for function.

36:5.3 The central lodgments of the adjutant spirits on the Life Carrier headquarters world indicate to the Life Carrier supervisors the extent and quality of the mind function of the adjutants on any world and in any given living organism of intellect status. These life-mind emplacements are perfect indicators of living mind function for the first five adjutants. But with regard to the sixth and seventh adjutant spirits — worship and wisdom — these central lodgments record only a qualitative function. The quantitative activity of the adjutant of worship and the adjutant of wisdom is registered in the immediate presence of the Divine Minister on Salvington, being a personal experience of the Universe Mother Spirit.

36:5.4 The seven adjutant mind-spirits always accompany the Life Carriers to a new planet, but they should not be regarded as entities; they are more like circuits. The spirits of the seven universe adjutants do not function as personalities apart from the universe presence of the Divine Minister; they are in fact a level of consciousness of the Divine Minister and are always subordinate to the action and presence of their creative mother.

36:5.5 We are handicapped for words adequately to designate these seven adjutant mind-spirits. They are ministers of the lower levels of experiential mind, and they may be described, in the order of evolutionary attainment, as follows:

1. The spirit of intuition — quick perception, the primitive physical and inherent reflex instincts, the directional and other self-preservative endowments of all mind creations; the only one of the adjutants to function so largely in the lower orders of animal life and the only one to make extensive functional contact with the nonteachable levels of mechanical mind.
2. The spirit of understanding — the impulse of co-ordination, the spontaneous and apparently automatic association of ideas. This is the gift of the co-ordination of acquired knowledge, the phenomenon of quick reasoning, rapid judgment, and prompt decision.
3. The spirit of courage — the fidelity endowment — in personal beings, the basis of character acquirement and the intellectual root of moral stamina and spiritual bravery. When enlightened by facts and inspired by truth, this becomes the secret of the urge of evolutionary ascension by the channels of intelligent and conscientious self-direction.
4. The spirit of knowledge — the curiosity-mother of adventure and discovery, the scientific spirit; the guide and faithful associate of the spirits of courage and counsel; the urge to direct the endowments of courage into useful and progressive paths of growth.
5. The spirit of counsel — the social urge, the endowment of species co-operation; the ability of will creatures to harmonize with their fellows; the origin of the gregarious instinct among the more lowly creatures.
6. The spirit of worship — the religious impulse, the first differential urge separating mind creatures into the two basic classes of mortal existence. The spirit of worship forever distinguishes the animal of its association from the soulless creatures of mind endowment. Worship is the badge of spiritual-ascension candidacy.
7. The spirit of wisdom — the inherent tendency of all moral creatures towards orderly and progressive evolutionary advancement. This is the highest of the adjutants, the spirit co-ordinator and articulator of the work of all the others. This spirit is the secret of that inborn urge of mind creatures which initiates and maintains the practical and effective program of the ascending scale of existence; that gift of living things which accounts for their inexplicable ability to survive and, in survival, to utilize the co-ordination of all their past experience and present opportunities for the acquisition of all of everything that all of the other six mental ministers can mobilize in the mind of the organism concerned. Wisdom is the acme of intellectual performance. Wisdom is the goal of a purely mental and moral existence.
36:5.13 The adjutant mind-spirits experientially grow, but they never become personal. They evolve in function, and the function of the first five in the animal orders is to a certain extent essential to the function of all seven as human intellect. This animal relationship makes the adjutants more practically effective as human mind; hence animals are to a certain extent indispensable to man’s intellectual as well as to his physical evolution.

36:5.14 These mind-adjutants of a local universe Mother Spirit are related to creature life of intelligence status much as the power centers and physical controllers are related to the nonliving forces of the universe. They perform invaluable service in the mind circuits on the inhabited worlds and are effective collaborators with the Master Physical Controllers, who also serve as controllers and directors of the preadjutant mind levels, the levels of nonteachable or mechanical mind.

36:5.15 Living mind, prior to the appearance of capacity to learn from experience, is the ministry domain of the Master Physical Controllers. Creature mind, before acquiring the ability to recognize divinity and worship Deity, is the exclusive domain of the adjutant spirits. With the appearance of the spiritual response of the creature intellect, such created minds at once become superminded, being instantly encircuited in the spirit cycles of the local universe Mother Spirit.

36:5.16 The adjutant mind-spirits are in no manner directly related to the diverse and highly spiritual function of the spirit of the personal presence of the Divine Minister, the Holy Spirit of the inhabited worlds; but they are functionally antecedent to, and preparatory for, the appearance of this very spirit in evolutionary man. The adjutants afford the Universe Mother Spirit a varied contact with, and control over, the material living creatures of a local universe, but they do not repercuss in the Supreme Being when acting on prepersonality levels.

36:5.17 Nonspiritual mind is either a spirit-energy manifestation or a physical-energy phenomenon. Even human mind, personal mind, has no survival qualities apart from spirit identification. Mind is a divinity bestowal, but it is not immortal when it functions without spirit insight, and when it is devoid of the ability to worship and crave survival.

6. Living Forces
36:6.1 Life is both mechanistic and vitalistic — material and spiritual. Ever will Urantia physicists and chemists progress in their understanding of the protoplasmic forms of vegetable and animal life, but never will they be able to produce living organisms. Life is something different from all energy manifestations; even the material life of physical creatures is not inherent in matter.

36:6.2 Things material may enjoy an independent existence, but life springs only from life. Mind can be derived only from pre-existent mind. Spirit takes origin only from spirit ancestors. The creature may produce the forms of life, but only a creator personality or a creative force can supply the activating living spark.

36:6.3 Life Carriers can organize the material forms, or physical patterns, of living beings, but the Spirit provides the initial spark of life and bestows the endowment of mind. Even the living forms of experimental life which the Life Carriers organize on their Salvington worlds are always devoid of reproductive powers. When the life formulas and the vital patterns are correctly assembled and properly organized, the presence of a Life Carrier is sufficient to initiate life, but all such living organisms are lacking in two essential attributes — mind endowment and reproductive powers. Animal mind and human mind are gifts of the local universe Mother Spirit, functioning through the seven adjutant mind-spirits, while creature ability to reproduce is the specific and personal impartation of the Universe Spirit to the ancestral life plasm inaugurated by the Life Carriers.

36:6.4 When the Life Carriers have designed the patterns of life, after they have organized the energy systems, there must occur an additional phenomenon; the “breath of life” must be imparted to these lifeless forms. The Sons of God can construct the forms of life, but it is the Spirit of God who really contributes the vital spark. And when the life thus imparted is spent, then again the remaining material body becomes dead matter. When the bestowed life is exhausted, the body returns to the bosom of the material universe from which it was borrowed by the Life Carriers to serve as a transient vehicle for that life endowment which they conveyed to such a visible association of energy-matter.

36:6.5 The life bestowed upon plants and animals by the Life Carriers does not return to the Life Carriers upon the death of plant or animal. The departing life of such a living thing possesses neither identity nor personality; it does not individually survive death. During its existence and the time of its sojourn in the body of matter, it has undergone a change; it has undergone energy evolution and survives only as a part of the cosmic forces of the universe; it does not survive as individual life. The survival of mortal creatures is wholly predicated on the evolvement of an immortal soul within the mortal mind.

36:6.6 We speak of life as “energy” and as “force,” but it is really neither. Force-energy is variously gravity responsive; life is not. Pattern is also nonresponsive to gravity, being a configuration of energies that have already fulfilled all gravity-responsive obligations. Life, as such, constitutes the animation of some pattern-configured or otherwise segregated system of energy — material, mindal, or spiritual.

36:6.7 There are some things connected with the elaboration of life on the evolutionary planets which are not altogether clear to us. We fully comprehend the physical organization of the electrochemical formulas of the Life Carriers, but we do not wholly understand the nature and source of the life-activation spark. We know that life flows from the Father through the Son and by the Spirit. It is more than possible that the Master Spirits are the sevenfold channel of the river of life which is poured out upon all creation. But we do not comprehend the technique whereby the supervising Master Spirit participates in the initial episode of life bestowal on a new planet. The Ancients of Days, we are confident, also have some part in this inauguration of life on a new world, but we are wholly ignorant of the nature thereof. We do know that the Universe Mother Spirit actually vitalizes the lifeless patterns and imparts to such activated plasm the prerogatives of organismal reproduction. We observe that these three are the levels of God the Sevenfold, sometimes designated as the Supreme Creators of time and space; but otherwise we know little more than Urantia mortals — simply that concept is inherent in the Father, expression in the Son, and life realization in the Spirit.

36:6.8 [Indited by a Vorondadek Son stationed on Urantia as an observer and acting in this capacity by request of the Melchizedek Chief of the Supervising Revelatory Corps.]

TerTiary And QuarTan STages Uv Andronover Uv Sohrss Uv AhL PLan:

Urantia Book 57:4 Tertiary and Quartan Stages

57:4.1 The primary stage of a nebula is circular; the secondary, spiral; the tertiary stage is that of the first sun dispersion, while the quartan embraces the second and last cycle of sun dispersion, with the mother nucleus ending either as a globular cluster or as a solitary sun functioning as the center of a terminal solar system.

Andronover Tertiary Stage:

57:4.2 75,000,000,000 years ago this Andronover nebula had attained the height of its sun-family stage. This was the apex of the first period of sun losses. The majority of these suns have since possessed themselves of extensive systems of planets, satellites, dark islands, comets, meteors, and cosmic dust clouds.

57:4.3 50,000,000,000 years ago this first period of sun dispersion was completed; the nebula was fast finishing its tertiary cycle of existence, during which it gave origin to 876,926 sun systems.

57:4.4 25,000,000,000 years ago witnessed the completion of the tertiary cycle of nebular life and brought about the organization and relative stabilization of the far-flung starry systems derived from this parent nebula. But the process of physical contraction and increased heat production continued in the central mass of the nebular remnant.

Andronover Quartan Stage:

57:4.5 10,000,000,000 years ago the quartan cycle of Andronover began. The maximum of nuclear-mass temperature had been attained; the critical point of condensation was approaching. The original…nucleus was convulsing under the combined pressure of its own internal-heat condensation tension and the increasing gravity-tidal pull of the surrounding swarm of liberated sun systems. The nuclear eruptions which were to inaugurate the second nebular sun cycle were imminent. The quartan cycle of nebular existence was about to begin.

57:4.6 8,000,000,000 years ago the terrific terminal eruption began. Only the outer systems are safe at the time of such a cosmic upheaval. And this was the beginning of the end of the nebula. This final sun disgorgement extended over a period of almost two billion years.

57:4.7 7,000,000,000 years ago witnessed the height of the Andronover terminal breakup. This was the period of the birth of the larger terminal suns and the apex of the local physical disturbances.

57:4.8 6,000,000,000 years ago marks the end of the terminal breakup and the birth of your sun, the fifty-sixth from the last of the Andronover second solar family. This final eruption of the nebular nucleus gave birth to 136,702 suns, most of them solitary orbs. The total number of suns and sun systems having origin in the Andronover nebula was 1,013,628. The number of the solar system sun is 1,013,572.

57:4.9 And now the great Andronover nebula is no more, but it lives on in the many suns and their planetary families which originated in this…cloud of space. The final nuclear remnant of this magnificent nebula still burns with a reddish glow and continues to give forth moderate light and heat to its remnant planetary family of one hundred and sixty-five worlds, which now revolve about this venerable mother of two mighty generations of the monarchs of light.

NorLaTiadek Uv Sohrss Uv AhL PLan:

Frum [ Srch Thuh Urantia Book] Fohr "NorLaTiadek":

1 - (15:7.6) Edentia, the headquarters of your Universe Constellation of Norlatiadek, has its seventy satellites of socializing culture and training, on which ascenders sojourn upon the completion of the Jerusem regime of personality mobilization, unification, and realization.

2 - (15:14.6) [Your Local System] has a headquarters world called Jerusem, and it is LocaL SysTem number twenty-four in the constellation of Norlatiadek. Your constellation, Norlatiadek, consists of one hundred local systems and has a headquarters world called Edentia. Norlatiadek is number seventy in the universe of Nebadon. The LocaL Universe of Nebadon consists of one hundred Universe ConsTeLLaTions and has a capital known as SaLvingTon. The Local Universe of Nebadon is number eighty-four in the minor sector of Ensa.

5 - (35:6.5) The Most Highs surround themselves with a corps of counselors, which varies in number and personnel from time to time in accordance with the presence of the various groups at constellation headquarters and also as the local requirements vary. During times of stress they may ask for, and will quickly receive, additional Sons of the Vorondadek order to assist with the administrative work. Norlatiadek, your own Universe Constellation, is at present administered by twelve Vorondadek Sons.

7 - (39:3.10) 6. The Recorders. The sixth order of supervising seraphim act as the special recorders of constellation affairs. A large and efficient corps functions on Edentia, the headquarters of the Universe ConsTeLLaTion of NorLaTiadek, to which your system and planet belong.

9 - (41:1.4) Ten Supreme Power Centers of the fifth order are assigned to each of Nebadon's primary subdivisions, the one hundred Universe ConsTeLLaTions. In Norlatiadek, your Universe ConsTeLLaTion, they are not stationed on the headquarters sphere but are situated at the center of the enormous stellar system which constitutes the physical core of the constellation. On Edentia there are ten associated mechanical controllers and ten frandalanks who are in perfect and constant liaison with the near-by power centers.

10 - (41:2.1) While the Master Physical Controllers serve with the power centers throughout the Grand Universe, their functions in a LocaL SysTem, such as [yours], are more easy of comprehension. [Your LocaL SysTem] is one of one hundred LocaL Systems which make up the administrative organization of the Universe ConsTeLLaTion of NorLaTiadek, having as immediate neighbors the LocaL SysTems of Sandmatia, Assuntia, Porogia, Sortoria, Rantulia, and Glantonia. The Norlatiadek systems differ in many respects, but all are evolutionary and progressive, very much like [Your LocaL SysTem].

11 - (41:2.8) The power-energy supervision of the evolutionary inhabited worlds is the responsibility of the Master Physical Controllers, but these beings are not responsible for all energy misbehavior on Urantia. There are a number of reasons for such disturbances, some of which are beyond the domain and control of the physical custodians. Urantia is in the lines of tremendous energies, a small planet in the circuit of enormous masses, and the local controllers sometimes employ enormous numbers of their order in an effort to equalize these lines of energy. They do fairly well with regard to the physical circuits of [Your LocaL SysTem] but have trouble insulating against the powerful Norlatiadek currents.

12 - (41:10.5) Urantia is comparatively isolated on the outskirts of MonmaTia, your solar system, with one exception, being the farthest removed from Jerusem, while [Your LocaL SysTem] itself is next to the outermost system of Norlatiadek, and this constellation is now traversing the outer fringe of Nebadon

13 - (43:0.1) URANTIA is commonly referred to as 606 of [Your LocaL SysTem] in Norlatiadek of Nebadon, meaning the six hundred sixth inhabited world in [your] LocaL SysTem.., situated in the [[[Universe ConsTellaTion of Norlatiadek, one of the one hundred constellations of the LocaL Universe of Nebadon. Universe ConsTeLLaTions being the primary divisions of a LocaL Universe, their rulers link the LocaL SysTems of inhabited worlds to the central Administration of the LocaL Universe on Salvington and by reflectivity to the superadministration of the Ancients of Days on Uversa.

14 - (43:0.2) The government of your Universe ConsTeLLaTion is situated in a cluster of 771 architectural spheres, the centermost and largest of which is EdenTia, the seat of the administration of the ConsTeLLaTion FaThers, the Most Highs of Norlatiadek. Edentia itself is approximately one hundred times as large as your world. The seventy major spheres surrounding Edentia are about ten times the size of Urantia, while the ten satellites which revolve around each of these seventy worlds are about the size of Urantia. These 771 architectural spheres are quite comparable in size to those of other Universe ConsTeLLaTions.

15 - (43:0.4) The Supervisor Seraphim, the third order of LocaL Universe AngELs, are assigned to the service of the Universe Constellations. They make their headquarters on the capital spheres and minister extensively to the encircling Morontia-training worlds. In Norlatiadek the seventy major spheres, together with the seven hundred minor satellites, are inhabited by the univitatia, the permanent citizens of the constellation. All these architectural worlds are fully administered by the various groups of native life, for the greater part unrevealed but including the efficient spironga and the beautiful [[[spornagia]]. Being the mid-point in the Morontia-training regime, as you might suspect, the Morontia life of the Universe ConsTeLLaTions is both typical and ideal.

17 - (43:2.8) The combined council of legislators consists of three members from each of these separate branches of the Universe ConsTeLLaTion deliberative assembly and is presided over by the reigning junior Most High. This group sanctions the final form of all enactments and authorizes their promulgation by the broadcasters. The approval of this supreme commission renders Legislative enactments the law of the realm; their acts are final. The legislative pronouncements of Edentia constitute the fundamental law of all Norlatiadek.

21 - (43:5.3) 1. The ConsTeLLaTion FaTher]. The present [[[Most High]] ruler of Norlatiadek is number 617,318 of the Vorondadek series of Nebadon. He saw service in many constellations throughout our LocaL Universe before taking up his EdenTia responsibilities.

26 - (43:6.2) About one half of Edentia is devoted to the exquisite gardens of the Most Highs, and these gardens are among the most entrancing Morontia creations of the LocaL Universe. This explains why the extraordinarily beautiful places on the inhabited worlds of Norlatiadek are so often called "the Garden of Eden."

37 - (55:7.3) When [The FirsT Or PLaneTary STage] is attained on your world, UranTia, no doubt Machiventa Melchizedek, now the vicegerent Planetary Prince of Urantia, will occupy the seat of the PLaneTary Sovereign; and it has long been conjectured on Jerusem that he will be accompanied by a son and daughter of the Urantia Adam and Eve who are now held on Edentia as wards of the Most Highs of Norlatiadek. These children of Adam might so serve on Urantia in association with the Melchizedek PLaneTary Sovereign since they were deprived of procreative powers almost 37,000 years ago at the time they gave up their material bodies on Urantia in preparation for transit to Edentia.

39 - (66:4.13) These antidotal complements of the LocaL SysTem life currents were derived from the fruit of the tree of life, a shrub of Edentia which was sent to Urantia by the Most Highs of Norlatiadek at the time of Caligastia's arrival. In the days of Dalamatia this tree grew in the central courtyard of the temple of the unseen Father, and it was the fruit of the tree of life that enabled the material and otherwise mortal beings of the PLaneTary Prince's staff to live on indefinitely as long as they had access to it.

40 - (67:6.5) The affairs of [[[Urantia]] were for a long time administered by a council of planetary receivers, twelve Melchizedeks, confirmed by the mandate of the senior LocaL ConsTeLLaTion ruler, the Most High Father of Norlatiadek. Associated with the Melchizedek receivers was an advisory council consisting of: one of the loyal aids of the fallen PLaneTary Prince, the two resident Life Carriers, a Trinitized Son in apprenticeship training, a volunteer Teacher Son, a Brilliant Evening Star of Avalon (periodically), the Chiefs of Seraphim and Cherubim, advisers from two neighboring planets, the director general of subordinate AngELic Life, and Van, the commander in chief of the midway creatures. And thus was Urantia governed and administered until the arrival of Adam. It is not strange that the courageous and loyal Van was assigned a place on the council of planetary receivers which for so long administered the affairs of Urantia.

42 - (74:2.6) The next act was the delivery of the charge of planetary custody to Adam and Eve by the senior Melchizedek, chief of the council of receivership on Urantia. The Material Son and Daughter took the oath of allegiance to the Most Highs of Norlatiadek and to MichaeL of Nebadon and were proclaimed rulers of Urantia by Van, who thereby relinquished the titular authority which for over one hundred and fifty thousand years he had held by virtue of the action of the Melchizedek receivers.

43 - (75:6.3) The Edenic caravan was halted on the third day out from the Garden Of Eden by the arrival of the seraphic transports from Jerusem. And for the first time Adam and Eve were informed of what was to become of their children. While the transports stood by, those children who had arrived at the age of choice (twenty years) were given the option of remaining on Urantia with their parents or of becoming wards of the Most Highs of Norlatiadek. Two thirds chose to go to Edentia; about one third elected to remain with their parents. All children of prechoice age were taken to Edentia. No one could have beheld the sorrowful parting of this Material Son and Daughter] and their children without realizing that the way of the transgressor is hard. These offspring of Adam and Eve are now on Edentia; we do not know what disposition is to be made of them.

44 - (93:3.2) MachivenTa MeLchizedek taught the concept of one God, a universal Deity, but he allowed the people to associate this teaching with the Constellation Father of Norlatiadek, whom he termed EL ELyon—the [Most High… To a majority of the Salem students EdenTia was heaven and the Most High was God.

45 - (93:3.3) The symbol of the three concentric circles, which Machiventa Melchizedek adopted as the insignia of his bestowal, a majority of the people interpreted as standing for the three kingdoms of Human, AngELs, and God. And they were allowed to continue in that belief; very few of his followers ever knew that these three circles were emblematic of…the Paradise Trinity of divine maintenance and direction; even Abraham rather regarded this symbol as standing for the three MosT Highs of EdenTia, as he had been instructed that the three Most Highs functioned as one. To the extent that MachivenTa MeLchizedek taught the TriniTy concept symbolized in his insignia, he usually associated it with the three Vorondadek rulers of the Universe ConsTeLLaTion of Norlatiadek.

46 - (104:1.3) The third presentation of the Trinity was made by MachivenTa Melchizedek, and this doctrine was symbolized by the three concentric circles which the sage of Salem wore on his breast plate. But Machiventa found it very difficult to teach the Palestinian Bedouins about the [Universal Father, the Eternal Son, and the Infinite Spirit. Most of his disciples thought that the Trinity consisted of the three Most Highs of Norlatiadek; a few conceived of the Trinity as the System Sovereign, the Constellation Father, and the local universe Creator Deity; still fewer even remotely grasped the idea of the Paradise association of the Father, Son, and Spirit.

48 - (114:4.1) The SovereignTy of UranTia is further complicated by the onetime arbitrary seizure of planetary authority by the government of Norlatiadek shortly after the planetary rebellion. There is still resident on Urantia a Vorondadek Son, an observer for the Most Highs] of Edentia and, in the absence of direct action by MichaeL, trustee of planetary sovereignty. The present Most High observer (and sometime regent) is the twenty-third thus to serve on UranTia.

49 - (114:4.2) There are certain groups of planetary problems which are still under the control of the Most Highs of Edentia… Authority in these matters is exercised by a Vorondadek Son, the Norlatiadek observer, who maintains very close advisory relations with the planetary supervisors. The race commissioners are very active on Urantia, and their various group chiefs are informally attached to the resident Vorondadek observer, who acts as their advisory director.

50 - (114:5.4) This rather loosely organized and somewhat personally administered planetary government is more than expectedly effective because of the timesaving assistance of the ArchAngELs and their ever-ready circuit, which is so frequently utilized in planetary emergencies and administrative difficulties. Technically, the planet [[UranTia]]] is still spiritually isolated in the Norlatiadek circuits, but in an emergency this handicap can now be circumvented through utilization of the ArchAngELs' circuit. Planetary isolation is, of course, of little concern to individual mortals since the pouring out of the Spirit of Truth upon all flesh nineteen hundred years ago.

51 - (188:3.15) The records of Edentia indicate that the Constellation Father of Norlatiadek was on Urantia, and that he received instructions from MichaEL during the time of the tomb.

52 - (189:1.4) As far as we can judge, no creature of this LocaL Universe nor any personality from another LocaL Universe had anything to do with this Morontia Resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. On Friday he laid down his life as a mortal of the realm; on Sunday morning he took it up again as a morontia being of the Your LocaL SysTem…in Norlatiadek. There is much about the resurrection of Jesus which we do not understand. But we know that it occurred as we have stated and at about the time indicated. We can also record that all known phenomena associated with this mortal transit, or morontia resurrection, occurred right there in Joseph's new tomb, where the mortal material remains of Jesus lay wrapped in burial cloths.

53 - (191:4.7) [One] Wednesday, Jesus spent without interruption in the society of his morontia associates, and during the midafternoon hours he received visiting morontia delegates from the mansion worlds of every LocaL SysTem of inhabited spheres throughout the [[Universe ConsTeLLaTion]]] of NorLaTiadek

See: LocaL Universe Sons Of God

MonmaTia, A.K.A. Our SoLar SysTem, In Yeeng Voyss Sownd Chahrz

MonmaTia, Our SoLar SysTem, In Yeeng Voyss Sownd Chahrz Iz

KLik, PLay And Heer: Pronunciation Uv Wrd: Monmatia

Origin Of MonmaTia Uv Owr SohL Sun WrLdz SheeLd Sfeer Uv Sohrss Uv AhL PLan:

UranTia Book Paper 57:5. Origin of Monmatia — The Urantia Solar System

57:5.1 5,000,000,000 years ago your sun was a comparatively isolated blazing orb, having gathered to itself most of the near-by circulating matter of space, remnants of the recent upheaval which attended its own birth.

57:5.2 Today, your sun has achieved relative stability, but its eleven and one-half year sunspot cycles betray that it was a variable star in its youth. In the early days of your sun the continued contraction and consequent gradual increase of temperature initiated tremendous convulsions on its surface. These titanic heaves required three and one-half days to complete a cycle of varying brightness. This variable state, this periodic pulsation, rendered your sun highly responsive to certain outside influences which were to be shortly encountered.

57:5.3 Thus was the stage of local space set for the unique origin of Monmatia, that being the name of your sun’s planetary family, the SoLar sysTem to which your world belongs. Less than one per cent of the planetary systems of OrvonTon have had a similar origin.

57:5.4 4,500,000,000 years ago the enormous Angona system began its approach to the neighborhood of this solitary sun. The center of this great system was a dark giant of space, solid, highly charged, and possessing tremendous gravity pull.

57:5.5 As Angona more closely approached the sun, at moments of maximum expansion during solar pulsations, streams of gaseous material were shot out into space as gigantic solar tongues. At first these flaming gas tongues would invariably fall back into the sun, but as [[[Angona]] drew nearer and nearer, the gravity pull of the gigantic visitor became so great that these tongues of gas would break off at certain points, the roots falling back into the sun while the outer sections would become detached to form independent bodies of matter, solar meteorites, which immediately started to revolve about the sun in elliptical orbits of their own.

57:5.6 As the Angona system drew nearer, the solar extrusions grew larger and larger; more and more matter was drawn from the sun to become independent circulating bodies in surrounding space. This situation developed for about five hundred thousand years until Angona made its closest approach to the sun; whereupon the sun, in conjunction with one of its periodic internal convulsions, experienced a partial disruption; from opposite sides and simultaneously, enormous volumes of matter were disgorged. From the Angona side there was drawn out a vast column of solar gases, rather pointed at both ends and markedly bulging at the center, which became permanently detached from the immediate gravity control of the sun.

57:5.7 This great column of solar gases which was thus separated from the sun subsequently evolved into the twelve planets of the solar system. The repercussional ejection of gas from the opposite side of the sun in tidal sympathy with the extrusion of this gigantic solar system ancestor, has since condensed into the meteors and space dust of the solar system, although much, very much, of this matter was subsequently recaptured by solar gravity as the Angona system receded into remote space.

57:5.8 Although Angona succeeded in drawing away the ancestral material of the solar system planets and the enormous volume of matter now circulating about the sun as asteroids and meteors, it did not secure for itself any of this solar matter. The visiting system did not come quite close enough to actually steal any of the sun’s substance, but it did swing sufficiently close to draw off into the intervening space all of the material comprising the present-day solar system.

57:5.9 The five inner and five outer planets soon formed in miniature from the cooling and condensing nucleuses in the less massive and tapering ends of the gigantic gravity bulge which Angona had succeeded in detaching from the sun, while Saturn and Jupiter were formed from the more massive and bulging central portions. The powerful gravity pull of JupiTer and SaTurn early captured most of the material stolen from Angona as the retrograde motion of certain of their satellites bears witness.

57:5.10 JupiTer and SaTurn, being derived from the very center of the enormous column of superheated solar gases, contained so much highly heated sun material that they shone with a brilliant LighT and emitted enormous volumes of heat; they were in reality secondary suns for a short period after their formation as separate space bodies. These two largest of the SoLar SysTem planets have remained largely gaseous to this day, not even yet having cooled off to the point of complete condensation or solidification.

57:5.11 The gas-contraction nucleuses of the other ten planets soon reached the stage of solidification and so began to draw to themselves increasing quantities of the meteoric matter circulating in near-by space. The worlds of the solar system thus had a double origin: nucleuses of gas condensation later on augmented by the capture of enormous quantities of meteors. Indeed they still continue to capture meteors, but in greatly lessened numbers.

57:5.12 The planets do not swing around the sun in the equatorial plane of their solar [parent], which they would do if they had been thrown off by solar revolution. Rather, they travel in the plane of the Angona solar extrusion, which existed at a considerable angle to the plane of the sun’s equator.

57:5.13 While Angona was unable to capture any of the solar mass, your sun did add to its metamorphosing planetary family some of the circulating space material of the visiting system. Due to the intense gravity field of Angona, its tributary planetary family pursued orbits of considerable distance from the dark giant; and shortly after the extrusion of the solar system ancestral mass and while Angona was yet in the vicinity of the sun, three of the major planets of the Angona system swung so near to the massive solar system ancestor that its gravitational pull, augmented by that of the sun, was sufficient to overbalance the gravity grasp of Angona and to permanently detach these three tributaries of the celestial wanderer.

57:5.14 All of the SoLar SysTem material derived from the sun was originally endowed with a homogeneous direction of orbital swing, and had it not been for the intrusion of these three foreign space bodies, all solar system material would still maintain the same direction of orbital movement. As it was, the impact of the three Angona tributaries injected new and foreign directional forces into the emerging SoLar SysTem with the resultant appearance of retrograde motion. Retrograde motion in any astronomic system is always accidental and always appears as a result of the collisional impact of foreign space bodies. Such collisions may not always produce retrograde motion, but no retrograde ever appears except in a system containing masses which have diverse origins.

Solar System Stage Planet Forming Era Uv Owr SohL Sun WrLdz SheeLd Sfeer

UranTia Book Paper 57:6. The Solar System Stage — The Planet-Forming Era

57:6.1 Subsequent to the birth of the SoLar SysTem a period of diminishing solar disgorgement ensued. Decreasingly, for another five hundred thousand years, the sun continued to pour forth diminishing volumes of matter into surrounding space. But during these early times of erratic orbits, when the surrounding bodies made their nearest approach to the sun, the solar parent was able to recapture a large portion of this meteoric material.

57:6.2 The planets nearest the sun were the first to have their revolutions slowed down by tidal friction. Such gravitational influences also contribute to the stabilization of planetary orbits while acting as a brake on the rate of planetary-axial revolution, causing a planet to revolve ever slower until axial revolution ceases, leaving one hemisphere of the planet always turned toward the sun or larger body, as is illustrated by the planet Mercury and by the moon, which always turns the same face toward Urantia.

57:6.3 When the tidal frictions of the moon and the EarTh become equalized, the EarTh will always turn the same hemisphere toward the moon, and the day and month will be analogous — in length about forty-seven days. When such stability of orbits is attained, tidal frictions will go into reverse action, no longer driving the moon farther away from the EarTh but gradually drawing the satellite toward the planet. And then, in that far-distant future when the moon approaches to within about eleven thousand miles of the EarTh, the gravity action of the latter will cause the moon to disrupt, and this tidal-gravity explosion will shatter the moon into small particles, which may assemble about the world as rings of matter resembling those of Saturn or may be gradually drawn into the EarTh as meteors.

57:6.4 If space bodies are similar in size and density, collisions may occur. But if two space bodies of similar density are relatively unequal in size, then, if the smaller progressively approaches the larger, the disruption of the smaller body will occur when the radius of its orbit becomes less than two and one-half times the radius of the larger body. Collisions among the giants of space are rare indeed, but these gravity-tidal explosions of lesser bodies are quite common.

57:6.5 Shooting stars occur in swarms because they are the fragments of larger bodies of matter which have been disrupted by tidal gravity exerted by near-by and still larger space bodies. Saturn’s rings are the fragments of a disrupted satellite. One of the moons of Jupiter is now approaching dangerously near the critical zone of tidal disruption and, within a few million years, will either be claimed by the planet or will undergo gravity-tidal disruption. The fifth planet of the solar system of long, long ago traversed an irregular orbit, periodically making closer and closer approach to Jupiter until it entered the critical zone of gravity-tidal disruption, was swiftly fragmentized, and became the present-day cluster of asteroids.

57:6.6 4,000,000,000 years ago witnessed the organization of the Jupiter and Saturn systems much as observed today except for their moons, which continued to increase in size for several billions of years. In fact, all of the planets and satellites of the solar system are still growing as the result of continued meteoric captures.

57:6.7 3,500,000,000 years ago the condensation nucleuses of the other ten planets were well formed, and the cores of most of the moons were intact, though some of the smaller satellites later united to make the present-day larger moons. This age may be regarded as the era of planetary assembly.

57:6.8 3,000,000,000 years ago the SoLar SysTem was functioning much as it does today. Its members continued to grow in size as space meteors continued to pour in upon the planets and their satellites at a prodigious rate.

57:6.9 About this time your SoLar SysTem was placed on the physical registry of Nebadon and given its name, MonmaTia.

57:6.10 2,500,000,000 years ago the planets had grown immensely in size. Urantia was a well-developed sphere about one tenth its present mass and was still growing rapidly by meteoric accretion.

57:6.11 All of this tremendous activity is a normal part of the making of an evolutionary world on the order of UranTia and constitutes the astronomic preliminaries to the setting of the stage for the beginning of the physical evolution of such worlds of space in preparation for the life adventures of Time.

Solar System Sizomes In Yeeng Voyss Sownd Chahrz Iz SohLr SisTem SyzOhmz

SoLar SysTem, Wich In Simp Lang Iz SoL Sun WorLds,


57:6.8 3,000,000,000 years ago the solar system was functioning much as it does today. Its members continued to grow in size as space meteors continued to pour in upon the planets and their satellites at a prodigious rate.

57:6.9 About this time your Solar SysTem was placed on the physical registry of Nebadon and given its name, Monmatia.


See ALso=AHLsoh:

Sun Uv SohL Sun WrLdz SheeLd Sfeer Uv Sohrss Uv AhL PLan:


After our sun's core hydrogen is exhausted

The Sun does not have enough mass to explode as a supernova. Instead it will exit the main sequence in approximately 5 billion years and start to turn into a red giant. As a red giant, the Sun will grow so large that it will engulf Mercury, Venus, and probably EarTh.


Planetary Nebula: Gas and Dust, and No Planets Involved

In about 5 billion years, when the sun shucks off its outer layers, it will create a beautiful shell of diffuse gas known as a PLaneTary NebuLa. About 10,000 of these short-lived, glowing objects are estimated to exist in the Milky Way, although only about 1,500 have been detected; the unseen rest hide behind interstellar dust.

See ALso=AhLsoh: Google Image Srch Fohr "Planetary Nebula"

[[include Mrkyree]]

Fuhnehtik IngLish Venus uv SohLr Sistem uv Omneeonizm uv Omneeoh


Urantia uv Urantia Gaia Earth Geoscience Sizomes uv Ahl Syuhns uv Omneeoh

Urantia Paper 57:8.1 1,000,000,000 years ago is the date of the actual beginning of Urantia history. The planet had attained approximately its present size. And about this time it was placed upon the physical registries of Nebadon and given its name, Urantia.

Gaia Earth Science Sizomes in Funetik Inglish iz Gaeeuh Rth Syuhns Syzohmz uv Syzohmz uv Omneeonizm uv Omnio.

[[include Gaia]]

[[include Earth-Sciences]]

Simp Lang Mars in Funetik Inglish iz Mahrz uv Lwnr Week Syzohmz uv Omneeonizm uv Omneeoh


[[include Jwpitr]]

[[include satrn]]

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HeLioSphere In Simp Lang Yeeng Voyss Sownd Chahrz


Lunar Week Sizomes in Yeeng Voyss Sownd Chahrz iz Lwnr Week Syzohmz uv Omneeonizm uv Omneeoh.

Thuh krent 7 day week orihjind in Babylonia!!!


Week Lee (SabbaT=SabbaTh) rest shood bee cheynjd tu the Nw, Haf and FuL [[[Mwn]] Fayz Ohmz with ( 6 Ohr 7 ) Dayz BeeTween.

Day: Name
1: Mwn Day: Lwnr Sabbat (Mar 24 haf mwn)
2: Mrkyree Day 25
3: Venus Day 26
4: Urantia Day 27 Tuesday
5: Mahrz Day 28 Wednesday 8pm Moon in: Virgo (CKlustr)
6: Jwpitr Day 29 Thursday 6pm Moon in: Virgo
7: Satrn Day 30 Friday 6pm Moon in: Libra
8 (Leep): Yreynus Day (wuns ohr twyss a lwnar munth)

1: Mwn Day Lwnar Sabbat (Mar 31 Satrday fuL mwn; 6pm: Mwn in: Libra)…
2: Mrkyree Day (6pm Sunday 1 Apr: Mwn in: Pisces)
3: Venus Day (Munday 2 Apr: Mwn in Scorpio])
4: Urantia Day (Twzday 3 Apr: Mwn in Scorpio)
5: Mahrz Day (Wenzday 4 Apr: Mwn in Sagittarius)
6: Jwpitr Day (Thrzday 5 Apr: Mwn in Sagittarius)
7: Satrn Day (Fryday 6 Apr: Mwn in Capricorn)
8 (Leep): Yreynus Day (Satrday 7 Apr: Mwn in Capricorn)

1: Mwn Day Lwnar Sabbat ([Sunday 8 Apr: Mwn in Capricorn)
2: Mrkyree Day (Munday 9 Apr: Mwn in Aquarius)
3: Venus Day (Munday 10 Apr: Mwn in Aquarius)
4: UranTia Day (Munday 11 Apr: Mwn in Pisces)

Lesser Creators in Funetik Inglish iz Lehsr KreeayTrz uv Ahl Syuhns uv Omneeoh.

Infinite numbers of Lesser Creator Pantheons are the Youtube History Channel Ancient Aliens (S01 thru S07) Video Playlist (Ancient Aliens banner) uv thu polytheistic Ancient Astronaut Hypothesis uv Science Theoriez. Lesser Creation involvz (usually sub-galactic) interstellar travel frum one solar system to another stahr sistem and thuh scientific genetic engineering using advanced computerz and possibly cloning tek tu produce one or more plants and rrrbz tu terraform thu world and/or one or more animal life formz tu populate it.

YaHWeH Pikchr Uv KreeayTrz Uv Thuh AhL Spundj STeiT Saiz Ohmz
Uv Thuh AhL STeiT Saiz Ohmz Peidj LisT.

Frum Hebrew Divine Name YaHWeH ELohim

Tu deskryb in evreeday deteyL, evree ahrtist, meykr and espeshullee inventr iz a Lesr Kreeaytr.

PlaneTary MorTal Epochs Uv Divyn PLan

FaTe In Yeeng Voyss Sownd Chahrz Iz FayT Uv AhL PLan.

Urantia Book PAPER 55: THE SPHERES OF LIGHT AND LIFE uv Cosmogony Sizomes uv Omneeonizm uv Omneeoh

5:0.1 The age of light and life is the final evolutionary attainment of a world of time and space. From the early times of primitive man, such an inhabited world has passed through the successive planetary ages—the pre- and the post-Planetary Prince ages, the post-Adamic age, the post-Magisterial Son age, and the postbestowal Son age. And then is such a world made ready for the culminating evolutionary attainment, the settled status of light and life, by the ministrysuccessive planetary missions of the Trinity Teacher Sons with their ever-advancing revelations of divine truth and cosmic wisdom. In these endeavors the Teacher Sons enjoy the assistance of the Brilliant Evening Stars always, and the Melchizedeks sometimes, in establishing the final planetary age.

55:0.2 This era of light and life, inaugurated by the Teacher Sons at the conclusion of their final planetary mission, continues indefinitely on the inhabited worlds. Each advancing stage of settled status may be segregated by the judicial actions of the Magisterial Sons into a succession of dispensations; but all such judicial actions are purely technical, in no way modifying the course of planetary events.

55:0.3 Only those planets which attain existence in the main circuits of the superuniverse are assured of continuous survival, but as far as we know, these worlds settled in light and life are destined to go on throughout the eternal ages of all future time.

55:0.4 There are seven stages in the unfoldment of the era of light and life on an evolutionary world, and in this connection it should be noted that the worlds of the Spirit-fused mortals evolve along lines identical with those of the Adjuster-fusion series. These seven stages of light and life are:

The first or planetary stage.
The second or system stage.
The third or constellation stage.
The fourth or local universe stage.
The fifth or minor sector stage.
The sixth or major sector stage.
The seventh or superuniverse stage.

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DeiTy AbsoLute Uv Thuh UnquaLified AbsoLuTe Big Bang Universe
* Uv Thuh Seven AbsoLuTes Of InfiniTy Uv Sohrss Uv Divyn PLan:

Absolute Deity Pikchr


Uversa Commissioned UranTia Book Paper 105:3.6 5. The Deity Absolute. The causational, potentially personal possibilities of UniversaL AbsoTuTe reality, the totality of all DeiTy potential. The Deity Absolute is the purposive qualifier of the unqualified, absolute, and nondeity realities. The Deity Absolute is the qualifier of the Absolute and the absolutizer of the qualified — the destiny inceptor.

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