ALL STaTe Ism In FuhNehTik IngLish Yeeng Voyss Sownd Chahrz Iz AhL STeyT Izm

Thuh EengLish Wrd SpelLT Omnio Wuhz BiLT Fruhm:
1: Preefix Omni-
2: And PohsTFix -io

See Thuh OhLd OhridjinnuL FyL AT:

Wrd Omni Az Eeuuzd Az Uh Wrd In Paeej Naeemd _Omny On Ikkuh Iz Baeest On Thuh Prefix Omni-.

Prefix Omni-

Thuh Prefix Omni- in FohnehTik EengLish MyT GeT ProhnownsT Az EeThr:

  • Omnĭ Lyk In Omnivrss;
  • Ohr Omnee Uhv Omneeon, Thuh FrsT Prohnownseeaeeshuhn Uhv Omnion;
  • Ohr Omny Uhv Omnyon, Thuh KohrekT Prohnownseeaeeshuhn Uhv Omnion: ( Thuh 'o' PoeenTs AT Thuh 'i' IndihkaeeTeeng Thuh Long 'i' Prohnownseeaeeshuhn Deskrybd Az ah-ee Suhmuhryzd WiTh Thuh Chahr 'y' ).

EhTimmoLLuhjee Uhv Prefix Omni-

Prefix Omni-

omni-: word-forming element meaning "all,"

from Latin omni-, combining form of omnis "all, every, the whole, of every kind"…

Thiss Iz Thuh Last Lyn Uhv Tekst In thuh Paeej Naeemd " Prefix Omni "

Pohstfix Io

NexT TekST Wuhz Fruhm:

EsperanTo PohsTfix -io

1: a country named after the root, whether that is a people, person, city, or river

2: a science named after its practitioner


1: Omnio Iz LiTTruLLee Dehskrybd Az Thuh AhL STaeeT.

2: Omnion, the AhL-Syehnss iz:

Thuh Now Tranz FynyT Mynd Iz Thuh MohsT GreyT TheeuhkraT Uhv Thuh Omnio Theocracy.

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