Ai Am Az SehvenfohLd

I Am As SevenFoLd In Yeeng Voyss Sownd Chahrz Iz Ai Am Az SehvenFohLd

Uversa Commissioned UranTia Book Paper 105:2.10 6. The InfiniTe CapaciTy. I AM static-reactive. This is the endless matrix, the possibility for all future cosmic expansion. This phase of the I AM is [reflected] as the supergravity presence of the UnquaLified AbsoLuTe.

Uversa Commissioned UranTia Book Paper 105:2.9 5. The InfiniTe PoTenTiaL. I AM self-qualified. This is the infinity bench mark bearing eternal witness to the volitional self-limitation of the I AM by virtue of which there was achieved threefold self-expression and self-revelation. This phase of the I AM is [reflected in] the DeiTy AbsoLuTe.

Uversa Commissioned UranTia Book Paper 105:2.8 4. The InfiniTe UphoLder. I AM self-associative. This is the primordial association of the statics and potentials of reality. In this relationship, all qualifieds and unqualifieds are compensated. This phase of the I AM is [RefLecTed] as the Universal Absolute — the unifier of the Deity AbsoLuTe and the UnquaLified AbsoLuTe.

Uversa Commissioned Urantia Book Paper 105:2.11 7. The Universal One Of Infinity. I AM as I AM. This is the stasis or self-relationship of Infinity, the eternal fact of infinity-reality and the universal truth of reality-infinity. In so far as this relationship is discernible as personality, it is revealed to the universes in the divine Father of all personality — even of absolute personality. In so far as this relationship is impersonally expressible, it is contacted by the universe as the absolute coherence of pure energy and of pure spirit in the presence of the Universal Father. In so far as this relationship is conceivable as an absolute, it is revealed in the primacy of the First Source And Center…[In The Infinite Universal One] we all live and move and have our being, from the creatures of space to the citizens of Paradise; and this is just as true of the Master Universe as of the infinitesimal ultimaton, just as true of what is to be as of that which is and of what has been.

I AM FaTher Uv Paradise Deities Uv I AM As SevenfoLd

Dharmakaya Buddha Nature Pikchr

Wrd Dharmakaya Az Spohk AT

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Buddha Wrd Spohk Az

Wrd Buddha Az Spohk AT

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Dahrmuhkaeeyuh Buuduh Pikchr


Uversa Commissioned UranTia Book Paper 105:2.5 1. The ETernaL FaTher. I AM Father of the Eternal Son. This is the primal personality relationship of actualities. The absolute personality of the ETernaL Son makes absolute the fact of God’s Fatherhood and establishes the potential sonship of all personalities. This relationship establishes the personality of the Infinite and consummates its spiritual revelation in the personality of the Original Son. This phase of the I AM is partially experiencible on spiritual levels even by mortals who, while yet in the flesh, may worship our Father.

Uversa Commissioned UranTia Book Paoer 105:2.6 2. The Universal Controller. I AM cause of eternal Paradise. This is the primal impersonal relationship of actualities, the original nonspiritual association. The Universal Father is God-as-love; the Universal Controller is God-as-pattern. This relationship establishes the potential of form — configuration — and determines the master pattern of impersonal and nonspiritual relationship — the master pattern from which all copies are made.

Big Bang AhrT Uv UniversaL ConTroLLer Uv Ai Am Az SehvenfohLd


Urantia Book 105:2.6 3. The Universal Creator. I AM one with the Eternal Son. [The] union of the UniversaL FaTher and the Eternal Son (in the presence of Paradise) initiates the creative cycle, which is consummated in the appearance of the ConjoinT AcTor personality and the [everlasting] universe. From the finite mortal’s viewpoint, reality has its true beginnings with the eternity appearance of the Havona creation. This creative act of Deity is by and through the God of Action, who is in essence the unity of the UniversaL Father & EternaL Son manifested on and to all levels of the actual. Therefore is divine creativity unfailingly characterized by unity, and this unity is the outward reflection of the absolute oneness of the duality of the ( Father & Son ) and of the Trinity of the InfiniTe Spirit & UniversaL Father & ETernaL Son.

I AM Alpha Presence In Yeeng Voyss Sownd Chahrz Iz Ai Am ALfuh Prehzenss

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