AhL Syz Ohm

ALL Sizome A.K.A. Thuh Trans ALL Bounds One Named Omnia In FuhnehTik IngLish

Thuh AhL Syz Ohm Iz AhLsoh KahLd Thuh EeTrnuL 3 dihmenshuhnaL InfihniT ReaLiTy KahLd Thuh Tranz AhL Bowndz Wun.

Omnia (Prefix Omni- + suffix ia) Iz Thuh Naym Uhv Thuh InfinniT EeTrnaL Tranz AhL Bowndz Wun, Skrybd Uhv Az Thuh EeTrnaLLiTTee Uhv Thuh Now Three DihmenshuhnuL Tranz FynyT Omneevrs And Now Tranz FynyT MaThemaTical ReaLiTy Proccessor KahLd Thuh Now Tranz FynyT Mynd ).

Omneeuh Iz Thuh FuhnehTik IngLish Naim Uhv Thuh AhL-Syz-Ohm Wich Iz Thuh EeTrnuL All-Being Uv Thuh AhL STaiT, Wich Inklwdz: Thuh Now Tranz FynyT Mynd, And THuh Omneevrs.

Omnia (Omni- + suffix ia) Iz Thuh KuhLekshuhn uv InfihniT Theengz and Refrenst Az Thuh MosT Big Uhv Thuh ReeL Prwvd TrwTh Syz Ohmz Uhv [[AhL Kynd Typs Uhv Theengz KLasT By Syz Order]]].

Tranzfynytittee Stuhtistikss

Tranzfynytittee Stuhtistikss Iz Thuh NeksT 2 Konsepts:

Frst: Eech Kynd Uv Theeng That Kan Happen:

  1. Haz Happend An Tranz FynyT Nuhmbr Uhv Tymz
  2. Now Iz Happehneeng A Tranz FynyT Nuhmbr Uhv Tymz
  3. ShaL Happen A Tranz FynyT Nuhmbr Uhv Tymz.

Sehkuhnd: ( In An Ehreeuh ), Eech Kynd Uh Thing MyT Happen

  • With ( Mohr Ohr Thuh Saeem Ohr Less ) Freekwehnsee
    • Than Dif Kyndz Uhv Theengz.**

(Eternity=EeTrnihTee) Meenz:

Thuh InfihniT PasT And InfihniT Feewchr Tym Uv Thuh Tranz AhL Bowndz Wun(A.K.A. [Thuh AhL Syz Ohm) ThaT InkLoodz ( Thuh [ In Eech InsTanT Prwvd Three Dihmenshunz Uv Tranz FyNyT EgzisTenss ] And [ JusT Wun Prwvd Dyrekshuhn Uv Evr Now Floheeng Tym ] ).

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