AbsoLuTe In Yeeng Voyss Sownd Chahrz Iz AbsuhLwT Uv Sohrss Uv Divyn PLan.

Seven AbsoLuTes Of InfiniTy In Yeeng Voyss Sownd Chahrz

Unqualified Absolute

DeiTy AbsoLute

Uversa Commissioned UranTia Book Paper 105:3.6 5. The Deity Absolute. The causational, potentially personal possibilities of UniversaL AbsoTuTe reality, the totality of all DeiTy potential. The Deity Absolute is the purposive qualifier of the unqualified, absolute, and nondeity realities. The Deity Absolute is the qualifier of the Absolute and the absolutizer of the qualified — the destiny inceptor.

EeuunivrsuL AbsohLuuT

Uversa Commissiioned UranTia Book Paper 105:3.8 7. The Universal Absolute. Unifier of the deified and the undeified; correlator of the AbsoLuTe and the relative. The UniversaL AbsoLuTe (being static, potential, and associative) compensates the tension between the ever-existent and the uncompleted.

FirsT Source And CenTer In Yeeng Voyss Sownd Chahrz Iz FrsT Sohrss And Sentr

UniversaL FaTher Pikchr Uv UniversaL FaTher

Frum: http://www.chinabuddhismencyclopedia.com/en/index.php?title=Adi-Buddha_Samadhi

Uversa Commissioned Urantia Book Paper 105:3.2 1. The FirsT Source And CenTer:

First Person of Deity and primal nondeity pattern, God, the UniversaL FaTher, Creator, controller, and upholder; universal love, eternal spirit, and AbsoLute energy; potential of all potentials and source of all actuals; stability of all statics and dynamism of all change; source of pattern and Father of persons. Collectively, all seven Absolutes equivalate to infinity, but the Universal Father himself actually is infinite.

Second Source And Center Uv Sehven AbsuhLwts Uv InfihnihTee Uv Sohrss

I AM Alpha Presence In Yeeng Voyss Sownd Chahrz Iz Ai Am ALfuh Prehzenss

Frum: https://templeofthepresence.org/Main/alpha_omega

Uversa Commissiioned UranTia Book Paper 105:3.3 2. The Second Source and Center. Second Person of Deity, the Original and Eternal Son; the AbsoLuTe personality realities of the I AM and the basis for the realization-revelation of “I AM personality.” No personality can hope to attain the Universal FaTher except through his ETernal Son; neither can personality attain to spirit levels of existence apart from the action and aid of this Absolute pattern for all personalities. In the Second Source and Center SpiriT is unqualified while personality is Absolute.

Paradise Source And CenTer In Yeeng Voyss Sownd Chahrz Iz Pehradyss Sohrss And SenTr Uv Sehven AbsuhLwts Uv InfihnihTee Uv Sohrss

Paradise Isle Art In Pehradyss AiyL AhrT

Frum: https://truthbook.com/urantia-book-wallpaper/paradise-by-gary-tonge

Uversa Commissioned UranTia Book [ Paper 105:3.4 3. The Paradise Source and Center.

Second nondeity pattern, the eternaL Isle of Paradise; the basis for the realization-revelation of “I AM force” and the foundation for the establishment of gravity control throughout the Universes. Regarding all actualized, nonspiritual, impersonal, and nonvolitional reality, Paradise is the Absolute of patterns. Just as SpiriT energy is related to the UniversaL FaTher through the AbsoluTe personality of the Mother-Son, so is all cosmic energy grasped in the gravity control of the First Source and Center through the Absolute pattern of the Isle Of Paradise. Paradise is not in space; space exists relative to Paradise, and the chronicity of motion is determined through Paradise relationship. The EternaL Isle Of Paradise is absolutely at rest; all other organized and organizing energy is in eternal motion; in all space, only the presence of the UnquaLified AbsoLute is quiescent, and the Unqualified is co-ordinate with Paradise. Paradise exists at the focus of space, the UnquaLified AbsoLuTe pervades it, and all relative existence has its being within this domain.

Third Source And Center Uv Sohrss Uv AhL PLan

ConjoinT Actor Picture In Yeeng Voyss Sownd Chahrz Iz KunjoynT AcTr Pikchr


UranTia Book 105:3.5 4. The Third Source and Center. Third Person of Deity, the Conjoint Actor;…integrator of Paradise cosmic energies with the spirit energies of the Eternal Son; perfect co-ordinator of the motives of will and the mechanics of force; unifier of all actual and actualizing reality… This selfsame Conjoint Actor, this God of Action, is the perfect expression of the limitless plans and purposes of the Father-Son while functioning himself as the source of mind and the bestower of intellect upon the creatures of a far-flung cosmos.

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